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3 Grudnia zapraszamy na dni otwarte z medycyną estetyczną.

Oferujemy bezpłatne konsultacje oraz specjalne zniżki na zabiegi z zakresu medycyny estetycznej

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Drug. STOM. Grzegorz Gdula courses and dental training

Drug. STOM. Gregory Gdula

Conferences, courses, trainings

2019.02.13 Dentiq – implantological templates, planning treatment with CT, STL files and 3D printers. implantological templates Wroclaw
2018.10.13 GAO Neobiotech Europe Symposium in Austria 2018.10.13 GAO Neobiotech Symposium
2018.03.23 Implantation in the aesthetic zone – proper tissue management as the key to success. 2018.03.23 Implantation in the aesthetic zone
2017.12.02 Practical training with lasotronix SmartM Pro dental laser handling. 2017.12.02 Lasotronix Practical Training
2017.11.04 3-day cycle of practical courses with occlusion and pain of the temporal-mandibular jointpart II. 2017.11.04 treatment of muscle and arthrosis
2017.10.04 3-day cycle of practical courses with occlusion and pain of the temporal-mandibular jointpart I. 2017.10.04 dental occlusion
2017.06.03 P.R.E.D. Technique – precise planning of the position of the implant and a certain primary stabilization – Dr. Boixados 2017.06.03 Implant Study ClubTechnika P.R.E.D. - precise planning
2016.04.01 ITI Implant Study Club Wrocław. Stabilization of total prosthesis on implants. 2016.04.01 ITI Implant Study Club. Stabilization of total prosthesis on implants
2015.10.30 ITI Implant Study Club. Controlled bone regeneration using titanium membranes and-Gen. 2015.10.30 ITI Implant Study Club. Controlled bone regeneration
2015.06.16 Neo Euro Symposium. The past, present and future innovations in Neobiotech Technology. 2015.06.16 Neobiotech Implantology Symposium
2014.10.24 10 symposium of the Ceia Central-European Academy of Implantology. 24.10.2014 Implantation Congress
2014.02.22 Implantoprosthetics – step-by-step procedures, advanced reconstructive techniques, prosthetics in early and immediate implantation protocol, CAD/CAM 22.02.14 Implantation
2013.10.26 Workshop Session 9 Central and European Academy of Implantology CEIA 26.10.13 Academy of Implantology
2013.10.25 Lecture session 9 Central-European Academy of Implantology CEIA 25.10.13 Academy of Implantology
2013.03.23 Current clinical concepts, minimally invasive implant charging techniques 23.03.13 Implant loading
2012.06.03 Implantology Congress – 2012 Euro Syposium – Innovations in implant dentistry 25.10.13 Academy of Implantology
2012.06.02 Implantology Congress – Wrocław Implantology Days – Team Treatment in Implantology Team treatment of implantology
2012.06.01 Mucosal surgery – gums and implantation in the aesthetic zone Implantation in the aesthetic zone
2012.05.22 Botiss Academy – Soft and hard tissue regeneration Soft tissue regeneration
2012.04.26 Reconstruction of teeth with high tissue loss – analysis of clinical cases Reconstruction of teeth destroyed
2012.04.14 Advanced aesthetic reconstruction in front-rear reconstruction in the field of jaw and mandibular teeth Aesthetic enclosures
2012.03.24 Use of polymer materials and glass fibre cartridges for tooth reconstruction after implantation treatment Reconstruction after implantation treatment
2011.10.15 Modern marketing, a guarantee of a modern dental office. Dentistry of success 2011
2011.06.03 1th Lower Silesian International Implantology Congress Lower Silesian Implantological Congress
2011.02.04 Treatment of prosthetic patients with periodontal problems. Treatment of prosthetic patients with periodontal problems
2011.01.28 Surgical procedures in the lining of the lower of the maxillary sinus. Exercises on animal materials. Lifting the maxillary bay - Dentist Grzegorz Gdula
2010.12.03 6. Symposium of the Central And European Dental Implantology Centre (CEIA) Implantological Symposium - Dentist Grzegorz Gdula
2010.03.27 IMTEC MDI Sendex and MDI Hybrid (MDI – miniimplant). Patented procedure for implanting implants for stabilizing prostheses, replenishing individual teeth or bridges. MDI Miniimplants - Grzegorz Gdula Implantologist
2009.12.03 Pulp Fiction 11 Endodontic Symposium – root canal system filling, re-endodontic treatment, replantation, intra-channel obliteration, extraction implantation, implants and duct treatment, ways of regeneration tissues, endodontic procedures Endodontic treatment - Grzegorz Gdula dentist Wrocław
2009.03.21 Reconstruction of the crowns of the front teeth using ceramic veneers Ceramic veneers - tooth reconstructions - Grzegorz Gdula
2009.03.07 Patient Radiological Protection X-ray - Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula
2008.11.21 4th Implantation Symposium of the CeIA Central European Dental Implantology Centre in Krakow Implantologist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - 4 Implantological Symposium
2008.11.15 Diagnosis and surgery of maxillary sinuses in terms of implantation treatment of patients Sinus surgery - Implantation Treatment Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula
2008.10.31 General dentistry in the practice of a dentist Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - general dentistry
2008.04.19 Conference implantology Osteology, topic: Modern concepts of treatment and management of complications using techniques controlled bone and tissue regeneration Controlled Tissue Regeneration - Dentist Grzegorz Gdula
2008.04.18 Methods of correction of sprocket growth in the aesthetic zone Appendicitis surgery - MaxIed Implants By Grzegorz Gdula
2008.04.15 Author's implantology – advanced implantology treatments Implantologia Wrocław - Grzegorz Gdula Implantologia Autorska
2008.01.11 Use of Osteoplant implants to treat various forms of dental deficiencies Implants Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula Osteoplant
2007.12.15 Prosthetic treatment – planning skeletal prostheses Dentist Grzegorz Gdula - Skeletal Prostheses
2007.06.09 Safe surgery and implantology in each office Implantologist Grzegorz Gdula - Implantology Surgery
2007.04.01 Certificate of participation in the Online Educational Program Repetitio Est… in 2006 of the Dental Portal Dentonet Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - Repetitio Est
2006.12.21 National educational program Repetitio est Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - Repetitio Est
2006.12.08 Aesthetic reconstruction according to the principles of layered and anatomical technique by Dr Lorenzo Vanini. Reconstruction of teeth after endodontic treatment with crown-root inserts made of fiberglass Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - Aesthetic Tooth Restoration
2006.11.18 Selected aspects of treatment of endo-perio syndrome Dentist Wrocław - Ento Perio - Grzegorz Gdula
2006.07.10 Development of the potential of healthcare professionals Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - Development of health care
2006.06.24 Compendium of periodontology Compedium of Periodontology By Grzegorz Gdula
2006.06.12 Modern composite technologies in dentistry Aesthetic Filling of Teeth - Dentist Grzegorz Gdula
2006.05.11 Implants in theory and practice. Periimplantation treatments Implantology Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - Periimplantation treatments
2006.04.24 Theoretical assumptions for the correct selection of crown root cartridges together with examples of applications Crown inserts - Prosthetic Grzegorz Gdula
2006.01.30 Selected issues from Gerostomatology Dentist Wrocław Grzegorz Gdula - Dentistry in the EU

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