Lip enlargement and modeling

Lip enlargement treatments, corrections of their shape or the marking of the contour of the mouth are among the most frequently performed aesthetic medicine treatments. This is due to the fact that with age the upper lip often becomes collapsed and thinner than in youth, which gives the face an older look. Lip enlargement treatment allows you to enjoy a young look longer and thus better well-being. Hyaluronic acid material is used for lip shape correction procedures. It is a naturally found substance in the skin, designed to provide its elasticity by tying water. Lips after surgery are fuller, have a more shapely appearance and are perfectly moistened. The effect of lip enlargement is completely reversible and usually lasts 6~10 months.

Depending on the needs and expectations of the patient, we can:

  • increase the volume of the mouth
  • enhance the contour of the lips
  • model a fuller shape
  • fill the fine wrinkles around the mouth – so-called. smoker wrinkles

What is the course of the lip shape magnification or correction procedure? Here is a simplified scheme:

  • doctor after a preliminary conversation with the patient and knowing his expectations presents the plan and the possibility of surgery, after performing anesthesia proceeds to inject hyaluronic acid into the planned location, the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes and is completely Painless. The effect is visible immediately after the end of the procedure.


  • how long does the effect of enlarged lips last? – the effects of lip augmentation surgery persist from 6 to 10 months. It depends on the age of the patient, the lifestyle and the type of skin. After this period, the applied material is biodegraded to carbon dioxide and water.
  • what are the contraindications to the procedure? – contraindication to lip augmentation procedure are pregnancy, breast-feeding, inflammation of the skin such as acne, herpes, propensity for hypertrophic scarring, autoimmune diseases
  • can you function normally after the procedure? – yes, the procedure is performed in anesthesia, so it is completely painless. The effects are visible immediately after it is finished, and the patient can return to normal activity. The only inconvenience of the procedure may be swelling of the mouth, which if it occurs spontaneously disappears after 1~2 days.
Lip augmentation Wroclaw Modeling the shape of the mouth in Wrocław Improving the contour of the mouth - contouring the lips