Digital X-ray studio

In today's medicine, there is no question of effective, targeted treatment without prior accurate diagnosis. At the Vita-Dent clinic we have a modern digital radiological studio – one of the most modern dental X-ray studios in Wrocław. We are equipped with a dental computer tomograph Vatech Pax-i3D (in the clinic at Ul. And the point cameras of Gendex Expert DC, Kodak 2200 and Sirona Heliodent DS.

Thanks to the equipment equipped with the latest X-ray equipment, we can offer patients a full range of radiological tests in the field of dentistry directly in our clinic:

Our eye in our head is the maximum safety of our patients, with the highest quality x-ray images taken, so we take photos only in digital technology. Thanks to this, the dose of radiation absorbed by the patient during the examination is up to 8 times lower than with standard X-ray images taken by analog uech – on a cliché. This is especially important when treating intricate lyxeme simages and radiation doses accumulate and when taking radiological images in children.

Taking care of the convenience and comfort of testing, x-ray stomon cameras for intraoral examination are located directly next to dental chairs, allowing you to take photos directly during treatment on the chair. There is no need to go to other rooms for the duration of the photo.

X-ray photos of teeth, panoramic photos and computer tomography of teeth are also performed for patients outside our office. We record the finished panoramic photo and tomography to a CD or in the case of intraoral photos by e-mail or flashdrive. We invite you to use the services of our radiological studio.

Dentist's Tomograph Wrocław Radiology Studio