Vatech Pax-I3D SMART Computer Tomograph

CBCT Tapered Beam Computer Tomograph – Vatech Pax-I3D SMART is one of the most modern devices in the field of advanced dental radiological diagnostics. It is the most accurate apparatus for dental tomography available on the Polish market. Despite the immense precision of radiological imaging, the dose of x-ray sown by the patient during one study is equal to the background radiation obtained for one day. Thanks to such important advantages, we decided to purchase this camera to our clinic – a real "mercedes" in the market for dental radiology.

The use of tomography testing for implantological treatment is now a standard diagnostic procedure. It allows you to accurately plan the type of implant – its size and the optimal angle of introduction. All surgical procedures such as tooth roots resections, cyst exfoliation or surgical removal of eighth teeth and even difficult dental dental treatment with teeth are becoming an increasingly common indication of the performance of cttomography of teeth, and even difficult dental canal treatment with intypical channels – a special mode for endodontic tomography is used for this.

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