Doctor stom. Barbara Gdula dental courses and trainings

Dentist Barbara Gdula

Stom. Barbara Gdula

Conferences, courses, trainings

2009.12.12 Advanced techniques of botulinum toxin administration Botox and fillers Surgiderm, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Voluma – practical training
2009.10.10 The use of Juvederm Ultra filling preparations in wrinkle correction treatments – practical training
2009.09.09 Internal training of the Lower Silesian Medical Chamber
2008.11.25 National educational program Repetitio est – Dentonet
2008.10.31 General dentistry in the practice of a dentist
2008.10.20 National educational program Repetitio est – Dentonet
2008.10.17 XIV National Dental Conference Expodent 2008
2007.05.26 Glass support system ZX 27 – theoretical training
2006.12.21 National educational program Repetitio est
2006.12.08 Aesthetic reconstruction according to the principles of layered and anatomical technique by Dr Lorenzo Vanini. Reconstruction of teeth after endodontic treatment with crown-root inserts made of fiberglass
2006.11.17 Selected aspects of treatment of endo-perio syndrome
2006.11.04 National educational program Repetitio est
2006.09.23 Porcelain veneers for upper and lower teeth
2006.04.24 Selected issues from Gerostomatology
2006.01.30 Theoretical assumptions regarding the correct selection of crown-root inserts with examples of applications
2005.02.28 Permanent prosthetic restorations
2005.01.17 Nano-technology, mega benefits – Premise – a new material using nanofillers

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