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Vita-Dent Implantology and Orthodontics Centre

Our Dental Center was established in 1991. From the very beginning of our existence, our priority is the highest quality of service and the full satisfaction of our patients. After more than 20 years of existence, we can safely say that our offices are now some of the most modern equipped dental offices in Wroc艂aw. For the comfort of patients, the dental office Wroc艂aw has introduced a number of facilities to make time more enjoyable in our dental center.

During dental treatment, we use the latest prey of world dentistry as well as the highest quality materials. We have modern dental equipment and take part in numerous courses and dental trainings to provide dental care to our patients in accordance with the highest global standards.

Our priority is that visits to the chair are completely painless and stress-free, so we also treat for fear of the dentist 馃檪 Respecting the time of our patients, we offer the shortest possible dates for subsequent visits and always try to help in case of sudden toothache. During the first visit, we perform a dental review and present a detailed treatment plan, an indicative duration and potential costs.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the opinions of our patients and invite you to visit our clinics in Wroc艂aw and Kie艂cz贸w.

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Vita-Dent Stomatologia

Stomatolog Wroc艂aw

ul. Nobla 3, Wroc艂aw

tel. 71 750 12 12

Stomatolog Wroc艂aw

Ogrodowa 17, Kie艂cz贸w

tel. 71 398 84 88

Stomatolog Wroc艂aw

Powsta艅c贸w 艢l膮skich 58a/3, Wroc艂aw

tel. 71 750 15 15

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