Orthodoxy of Wrocław

Orthodoxy of Wrocław

Properly conducted orthodontic treatment, it allows you to achieve a harmonious smile and improve well-being. Along with the development of dentistry, many methods have been created to achieve the intended effect. The orthodontist selects the right method depending on the defect with which the patient reports. Additional circumstances that are important when choosing a treatment method are the patient's age, place of residence (not every patient can afford regular visits to the office, and some methods of treatment allow you to conduct treatment even "at a distance").

Invisilign Overlay Apparatus

The picture shows the Invisilign overlay. With the help of many similar overlays, patients are able to fully straighten their teeth. The advantages of Invisilign overlays include:

  • Rare check-ups in the dentist's office
  • High aesthetics – due to the transparent material from which the overlays are made
  • Convenience – Invisilign overlays should be removed to meals, which ensures freedom of eating food and ease of hygiene.
Treatment Invisilign Wroclaw

Orthodontics of all ages

The age of the patient has never been a limitation when making decisions about orthodontic treatment. In the first place when deciding on orthodontic treatment is the need to correct the defect. It is best to start orthodontic treatment at a young age, due to the possibility of shaping the direction of dental development. Adult patients can also count on a full cure of the defect, but it will take more time than in the case of juvenile patients. Our office also receives patients of advanced age who require prosthetic treatment, but their teeth position prevents the use of the best restorative method. In such cases, orthodontic treatment usually takes little time, because the goal is not to eliminate the defect, but to prepare the teeth for the best possible prosthetic treatment.

Fixed camera

With the help of activation of the orthodontic arch (patients colloquially talk about "overclocking the braces"), force is exerted on a specific tooth or group of teeth, which allows the defect to be corrected. The advantages of fixed braces include:

  • Large possibilities of tooth displacement
  • Patient discipline is not necessary – the apparatus is permanently cemented, so the patient does not have to do anything for the treatment to move forward.

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Fixed camera Wroclaw

Modern Orthodoxy

Orthodontic treatment with removable braces, fixed braces, Invisilign overlays allows for comfortable and quick straightening of teeth and significantly improves the quality of life. A healthy and beautiful smile is desired by many patients, and modern treatment procedures are able to satisfy the most demanding patients. Never before has orthodontic treatment been so available. Orthodontic treatment can generally be divided into the following categories according to the method of treatment:

  • The youngest patients – movable, functional braces – these are braces that allow you to eliminate parafunctions and correct the position of the teeth at an early stage of development.
  • Adolescents with a slight or moderate defect – predominantly fixed braces, less frequently, but also used overlay apparatus type Invisilign
  • Adolescents with advanced defect – fixed braces
  • Adults with a slight or moderate defect – fixed braces or overlay braces of the Invisilign type
  • Adults with little time, a lot of travel, unable to regularly attend a visit or requiring quick correction of teeth – Invisilign overlay braces
  • Adults with an advanced defect – predominantly fixed braces, less often overlay apparatus type Invisilign

Removable removable braces

It is a device used primarily in children

  • It allows you to react at an early stage of the development of the defect, not allowing it to intensify
  • Facilitates oral hygiene compared to other solutions
  • The ability to define colors and different patterns increases the motivation to treat the youngest patients.
Mobile camera Wroclaw

Orthodoxy of Wrocław

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry, dealing with diagnosis, prevention and restoration of correct bite relationships and harmonious facial features. A good time for the first visit to the orthodontic office is the age of 4 years. Most defects, even very advanced, can be corrected if only orthodontic therapy is started early enough.

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