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Our patients offer implantological reconstruction of teeth – crowns, bridges and dentures based on titanium implants, zirconium implants and 3M MDI miniimplants. Before the procedure during the implantological consultation, our implantologist – Grzegorz Gdula presents the patient with possible treatment options and helps to choose the optimal plan to replenish dental deficiencies. You can read the exact description of the treatment on the subpage about implantation treatment, and below we present a simplified scheme of the procedure:
  • first visit: we take a panoramic photo of the teeth and on the basis of it we determine the possibilities and indications for implant implant surgery and present to the patient possible variants of treatment. If you accept a treatment plan for more accurate diagnosis of the treatment site, we perform a 3D ct tomograph. We do all the research on site at our own X-ray laboratory in Wrocław. Once we have a set of necessary tests, we can start planning the type and placement of implants so as to make the most of the bone conditions in the patient and achieve the best possible treatment effect. The visit ends with an assessment of the condition of dental hygiene and ew. referral to the patient for a hygienic visit. Optimal oral hygiene and a complete lack of plaque is important to maximize your chances of success in implantation treatment.
  • second visit: on this visit we proceed to the implantation procedure. After the procedure, we play aesthetics and function to allow our patients to function normally. Dental deficiencies in the implanted section are played temporarily using adhesion bridges, bite rails or standard acrylic prostheses with soft anets. We always make efforts to ensure that the patient after the procedure can leave the office with an aesthetic supplement, which will be used until the implants are boiling and performing the final prosthetic reconstruction. Implant surgery always completes lllt laser biostimulation to accelerate healing, and reduce inflammation within the wound.
  • third visit: after a certain time of implants – 2 months for the lower jaw and 4 months for the upper jaw we unveil the implant and perform prosthetic reconstruction on implanted implants. Implant-based prosthetic treatment options are visible when you click on the appropriate image next to the
  • what is implantation? – implant implants consist in drilling small holes in the bone and screwing titanium implants into them, and then stitching the resulting wound with seams. After the period needed to reintake implants, they are performed prosthetic reconstruction e.g. bridges or prosthesis.
  • can anyone undergo implantation surgery? – indications and contraindications for implantation procedure are determined by the doctor during the first consultation visit in the office, contraindications to the implantation procedure are e.g. some systemic diseases, inability to maintain good oral hygiene by the patient, large bone deficiencies at the site of the planned implantation – not meeting the conditions for bone regeneration or treatment to raise the bottom of the sinus Maxillary.
  • is implantation painful? – implant treatment despite some invasiveness is performed completely painlessly. This is made possible by modern anesthesia. During the procedure, the most powerful anesthetics are used, guaranteeing the possibility of calm positioning and implanting implants. At the same time, during and after the procedure, the patient is fully aware and can return by car on his own. For extremely stressed patients, we offer the possibility of providing voltage-loosening drugs, causing a much more pleasant course of implantation.
  • does every implant of the implant succeed? – implant treatment like any medical procedure carries a risk of failure, the effectiveness of implantation is estimated at about 98%. This means that 1 in about 40 implanted implants are not bone-resistant and will need to be removed. The unintegrated implant is painlessly removed and usually after repeatedly implanting the implant into the same place, the procedure is successful.
  • what is the guarantee of implant durability? – with proper oral hygiene there is no limit in the length of maintenance of implants. Their durability is similar to the durability of their own healthy tooth. If the implant implanted in our clinic is rejected by the body in less than 2 years, as part of the warranty, we will perform re-implantation. The condition of the warranty is, regular reporting of inspection visits after the treatment has been completed. Only then is it possible to react quickly to any medicinal needs with implants implanted.
  • how to take care of teeth embedded on implants? – the way you care about hygiene is no different from the standard cleaning of your own teeth. Periodic inspection visits are very important after 1, 4 and 10 months after the end of treatment, followed by 9~12 months combined with a thorough check of the tissue status around the implant and the control of bone condition in the X-ray photo. After implantation, each patient receives a detailed written instruction from us and how to take care of hygiene with implants.

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