Dentist Izabela Kazimirów

My name is Izabela Kazimirów, I graduated from the Medical Academy in Wrocław obtaining the title of dentist. I constantly expand my skills and knowledge by participating in courses and specialist training.

I always approach the problems of my Patients individually, I try to make everyone feel safe in the dental chair and not be afraid to ask questions that I will gladly answer, explain everything and explain everything. I allow myself to talk to the patient so as to know his needs.

Each visit of the new Patient is like planning and setting the next steps, starting with conversation, research and diagnostics and then planning with the patient priorities and further actions.

It should be remembered that dentistry is not only a treatment of a sore tooth, but also aesthetics, dental system, bite system, rehabilitation of the chewing organ – therefore, the patient looks in a holistic way, taking into account the needs of the patient and the needs of the patient Medicinal.

The most important thing is the patient's smile and the fact that dentistry is my passion.

Privately, I love mountain hikes, ski slopes and a good book.

Dentist Izabela Kazimirów

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