Dentist Wroclaw – Doctor Marcin Gdula

Doctor dentist, graduate of the Medical Academy in Wrocław. He believes that the smile is half the kiss and in his work he gives it to every patient. Constant science and clinical work allows him to use the latest treatment and scientific prey techniques. Dentistry is treated as a difficult art that requires humility and devotion to the trust and satisfaction of patients. He visited almost the whole of Poland during numerous scientific conferences and training, and the most beautiful city according to its assessment is Wrocław.

Since 2016, he has been attending lectures as speaker, presenting the effects of his treatment to a wider group of doctors.

Outside the office, he can be seen walking in the company of a German highlander, in a cinema or on bike paths with his family.

Lectures carried out:

Courses performed for doctors:

  • Two-day course for orthodontpractitioners: "Cephalometry and miniimplants in orthodontics" 1.07.2017.
  • Three-day course for doctors: "Interdisciplinary patient treatment – from plan to implementation" 16-18.11.2018.
Dentist Doctor Marcin Gdula