Neobiotech Implants

In our office we implant implants from one of the largest implantological manufacturers – neobiotech company. The highest quality and innovation means that Neobiotech implants are implanted in more than 50 countries around the world and the percentage of success of implantation is extremely high. The course of implantation is described here. Thanks to the large variety of shapes and sizes, Neobiotech implants can be used to treat virtually all types of deficiencies in the mouth:
  • Neobiotech IS-II Active is a flagship full line of products combining the active surface SLA enabling much faster completion of treatment than in the case of traditional implants with a number of modern solutions such as CMI implent mounting, Bio-Seal internal connection or a special "Magic Thread".
  • Neobiotech S-wide IS-II is a line of implants characterized by a large diameter of the implant, enabling a significant shortening of the implant itself, and thus implantological treatment in conditions of a small amount of bone tissue in the vertical dimension while maintaining a certain predictability of the procedure
  • Neobiotech S-mini is a line of implants used in the case of tooth reconstruction with a very narrow dimension of bone tissue – e.g. due to atrophy of the alveolar process or close proximity to neighboring teeth
Download the Neobiotech information brochure (4.4 MB)
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