Facilities for Patients Vita-Dent Dentistry – Nobel

For our patients at the Vita-Dent Dentistry Dentistry Center at Ul. Nobel 3 has introduced a number of facilities to make a visit to the office more pleasant. These are improvements both in terms of pleasantwaiting time for a visit, as well as fundamental changes in improving the treatment process to increase the quality and comfort of the patient, such as the need for a visit. Dental x-ray in each office, without having to get up from the chair or your own computer tomography laboratory. Below we present all the facilities. Can we change something else? We look forward to the proposals!

Individual approach to each patient

Air-conditioned roomsAir-conditioned rooms

Relaxing music with a dentistRelaxation music

We treat English-speaking patientsWe speak English

Payment by payment cards - terminalCash or card payment

Possibility of instalment paymentAvailable instalment payment

Reminding you about a visitSms reminders

X-ray photos without getting up from the chairX-ray at the chair

Wifi network for patientsWiFi for Patients

L4 exemptionsL4 exemptions

Computer tomography on sitePanoramic photos and 3D CT ography on site