Retention in orthodontics

A very important stage of all orthodontic treatment is retention. This is the time when the movement of teeth is completed, but their position must stabilize. Teeth, due to the surrounding soft tissues (lips, cheeks and tongue) show a high tendency to return to the original position. To prevent the recurrence of defects, it uses orthodontic apparatus called reteiners. There are many varieties of retention apparatus, but regardless of their construction, they all have a common goal of stabilizing the position of teeth until the body adapts to new bite conditions. There are different types of reteiners and depending on factors such as patient age, treatment time, type of disadvantage, we always individually choose the right camera to be as convenient as possible and ensure that the goals set before it are achieved. Faqs:
  • How long does it take to wear a retention device? The stage of orthodontic treatment, which is the retention period, usually lasts 2 years. Retention time is always adjusted individually and depends directly on the needs of the patient.
  • What to do if the reteiner is damaged? Reteiner is perfectly matched to the teeth, providing them with stability. At the moment when the reteiner is damaged, at best it does not provide fixation of the correct bite, and at worst it causes incorrect movement of the teeth. After damage to the reteiner, contact your doctor immediately to prevent adverse recurrence.
  • How often do follow-up visits take place during retention? A follow-up visit during the retention period usually takes place once every 6 months.
Reteiner fixed - view before installation

Reteiner fixed – view before installation

Reteiner permanent Wroclaw

Reteiner fixed view after installation

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