Quality and guarantee in dentistry

We provide our patients with comprehensive dental care at the highest level. However, even the best-conducted dental treatment left without proper care and control can be damaged or wearable. Therefore, in modern dentistry, the increasing role is committed to adequate health prevention – it is easier to prevent diseases than to treat them. Daily, 2-fold tooth brushing with flossing and regular hygienization visits in the office, every 9-12 months combined with cleaning and fluoridation of teeth allow you to prevent most diseases in the oral cavity. It should be remembered that the teeth are used throughout life, so you should take care of them regularly. For all dental services performed in our offices we provide a guarantee: conservative treatment – fillings:
  • warranty 2 years
  • 3 m-ce warranty – in the dead teeth or when the filling is greater than 50% of the tooth volume
prosthetic treatment:
  • crown-root cartridges – 1 year
  • prosthetic solid and movable supplements – 2 years
  • in the case of unfilled tooth deficits – 6 months
implantation treatment:
  • implanted implant – 2 years
  • prosthetic work on implants – 2 years
  • in the case of unfilled tooth deficiencies, the warranty shall be shortened to 6 months
  • Follow-up visits must take place 1 and 12 months after the end of treatment, then every 12~24 months depending on the indications.
The condition for granting the guarantee is regular hygiene visits every 9-12 months. Upon request of the patient, we send sms or e-mail notifications reminding you of the upcoming date of the hygienic visit. We do not provide guarantees for temporary work and work carried out at the request of the patient where the patient has been informed of a limited warranty or lack thereof.
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