Repair of dentures

A rupture or fracture of a denture-and-denture is all the more likely to occur longer such a prosthesis is used. Each prosthesis – even the best made, after some time of use, as a result of disappearance and reconstruction of the gums is exposed to damage such as:
  • rupture or fracture of the prosthesis plate
  • detachment, tooth detachment from prosthesis
  • fracture of the wire, or the buckle that secures the prosthesis
Such damage occurs mainly in acrylic and skeletal dentures, but can also occur in other types of dentures. The general rule with any damage to the prosthesis is to immediately report to the dentist." Do not walk with a damaged prosthesis on, as this may prevent the prosthesis from being repaired later. In our office we offer express dates of prosthetic repairs. We also make extrabeds peeled or broken from the prosthesis of the teeth.
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