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Martyna Satur 26.03.2022 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Professional approach to the patient and the effect is great! Dr. Marcin Gdula won my trust already on the first visit (consultation published in detail). Tartar was thoroughly removed. Recommend!!! (opinion from

Agata Kurant 17.01.2022 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I heartily recommend Dr. Grzegorz Gdula, the first visit on the valuation of the implant and explanation of what and how successful, everything clearly explained, the second visit to remove the tooth and implant implantation revelation. The doctor is calm, patient, painless. Everything heals very nicely. Ladies at the reception in the clinic very nice, competent and helpful. I recommend Vita-Dent with all my heart 🙂 (opinion from

Karolina Chmielewska 09.12.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I had the pleasure to use orthodontic services in the Vita-Dent office at Powstańców Śląskich. I must admit that in addition to a professional approach to work, I have always met with a nice atmosphere. The ladies at the reception are always smiling and the doctor is professional and with a sense of humor. The entire course of treatment was presented to me in detail at the first visits. I heartily recommend this office and Dr. Marcin Gdul. (opinion from

Ryszard Sadlocha Nowa Ruda 02.12.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Dr. Grzegorz Gdula – the right man in the right place! Very modern office and very professional service. I am delighted with my new teeth / prosthesis / on implants. I did not expect such sensational effects after treatment. The doctor explains precisely what and how will be done. Painless treatments. You can say "full professionalism" from the entrance to the exit. Recommend! (opinion from the portal

Admam Pilczuk 17.10.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Professional dental clinic, I put implants there, zero complications. Everything was thoroughly explained before and after the procedure, they even called to ask if nothing was happening and how I felt after the procedure. I recommend 100% (opinion from the portal

Kamil Kaczor 02.10.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I used the services, on the recommendation of a friend who was treated orthodontically with Dr. Gduli (also started treatment on the recommendation of a friend). I assumed that with a great orthodontist, there must also be a great dentist. I was not disappointed ;D With the help of Dr. Jarmołowicz underwent repeated microscopic treatment (2 visits) and replacement of fillings. I am very happy and for the first time in my life I could not wait for the next visit, because I knew that I was in good hands. A holistic impression of 5+, starting from a nice reception through dental help and conversations with a doctor who answered my every question and nothing happened without my knowledge. Greetings to the whole team and see you 😉 (opinion from the portal

Agata Kurant 03.09.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I am infatuated with the doctor from Vita-Dent. Unfortunately, because of the whole incident, I did not find out what his name was, but he accepts at ul. Nobel 3. I called in the morning, choosing a rescue from google one by one, with great pain and after a sleepless night. A nice lady from the reception told me to come, and in a quarter of an hour I was on the chair. Not only that the doctor is 100% competent, polite, HUMAN, but also the price of life-saving services is an experience. I HIGHLY recommend it. (opinion from

Alexandra Romaniuk 09.08.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
A very good specialist, and at the same time an open and nice man. He always explains everything. I did not think that I would ever say this about the dentist, but a visit to Dr. Gdula is a real pleasure. (opinion from the portal

Sabina 03.08.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Positive, professional, friendly, cultured, talented. From the very beginning I felt very safe with him, it was clear that he knew exactly what he was doing and from visit to visit the treatment brought better and better results. Very honest, adapts to the needs of the patient. He answers questions accurately, he is friendly, you can see that dentistry is his passion. He respects patients, has a good memory and is always nice to talk to him. A doctor worth his weight in gold. 🙂 (opinion from the portal

Jarek Lewicki 24.05.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
As for me, p. Barbara Gdula is the best dentist I have ever found. I have been treating her teeth for 20 years, great experience and professionalism, I recommend sincerely. (opinion from

Olga Chernyakhovskaya, 07.05.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I definitely recommend this place!! Friendly atmosphere from the very entrance. Ladies in the registration nice. Dr. Arman painlessly, quickly and accurately removed the eight. The visit took place on time. (opinion from

KJ 25.04.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Full professionalism! Very nice atmosphere, everything thoroughly discussed and explained. I am very satisfied with the visit and I think that this is not my last visit to the Doctor. (opinion from the portal

Aleksandra Romaniuk 03.02.2021 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I wholeheartedly recommend this place, especially to those who are terribly afraid of any dental treatments. Full professionalism, great patience and commitment made the notorious snatching of the eight almost painless and the whole visit took place in a very pleasant atmosphere. I heartily recommend ❤👌 (opinion from the portal

Lukasz Makuch 21.12.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I sincerely recommend, professional care and professional approach to the client. Nice atmosphere I highly recommend Mrs. Ize. Nice and smiling, she makes sure that the patient does not hurt anything. (opinion from

Justyna 13.12.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Telephone and registration service very good, efficient and professional. The entrance itself looks very nice and neat. The procedure itself (teeth whitening) was performed very professionally, with a translation of what and how, in turn. I will definitely come to the next 🙂 (opinion from

Kamila Kozik 03.11.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I have been treating teeth with P.Marcin for many years. The first visit turned out to be beneficial for one of the teeth of the 😉 in addition to saving one of them, P.Marcin straightened my smile with the help of the camera, for which I am very grateful to him. I highly recommend it! (opinion from

January Jacukowicz 02.11.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Professional approach, very good doctor. I gladly come back every time and I'm afraid of dentists. (opinion from

Catherine T 24.10.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I would definitely recommend 🙂 I put the camera on late, at the age of 29. Every orthodontist I visited wanted to pull out a total of eight teeth – 4 eights and 4 fours before starting treatment. Such a vision effectively deterred me. Dr. Marcin, on the other hand, put locks on me before pulling out any tooth and explained that there is a chance to save the fours. The doctor planned treatment with mini-implants, which initially did not inspire optimism, but the vision of saving four teeth and repairing the defect prompted me to take up treatment – the more that I came to Vitadent on recommendation. My friend, who also had these implants already screwed on, continued to live, talk and eat – he did not look like he was suffering from agony. Now I'm more or less at the halfway point. Of the planned four implants, I have already screwed in two. It turned out that fear has big eyes. "Implant drilling" sounds scary to say the least, but in fact the same screwing takes maybe two minutes, and everything happens under anesthesia, so you don't feel anything at all. My imagination suggested that it would only start when the anesthesia was released, but… Nothing started. The jaw itself did not suffer an injury and it does not affect the comfort of life in any way. I eat a little more carefully, but it's more mental not to spoil anything, because I like my fours 😉 I was prepared for tissue ailments, the implant is a foreign body that can rub, but to be honest, abrasions against the locks right after putting on the braces, before the tissue got used to it, were more annoying than that. For the first week after the implants were inserted, I felt discomfort, but actually only when eating – this is the only aspect of life that was actually affected and only for a few days. At the time of writing this, it's been two weeks since I've had them and I've gotten used to them so much that I practically don't notice them. I survived the removal of one figure eight from myself, I can advise that it is definitely better to bet on mini-implants, even if they sound terrible, than on pulling teeth (much less suffering) 🙂 All the more so because Dr. Marcin has a lot of knowledge, explains and explains, has a sense of humor and a positive attitude towards the patient. Doctor by vocation. Vitadent is in my opinion a very professional and impressively equipped office, I also had the pleasure to use other services – pulling out the eight was not the most pleasant (some treatments simply can not be pleasant), but it went quickly and efficiently, and above all painlessly, the doctor answered all my questions and I felt "taken care of". The treatment also went without any pain and you can not even see that the tooth was treated (upper two), it was possible without removing the braces. And you can not forget about the ladies who assist in visits / treatments – they give courage. Especially Mrs. Ola, who has so much warmth and support in her smile that you immediately sit more confidently on the chair 😉 I definitely recommend it! (opinion from

w1a9n9n2s 04.10.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Very professional dental salon. Staff. Satisfaction with services guaranteed. Doctor Marcin Gdula very reliably describes the treatment and clarifies any ambiguities, Vitadent cares about the well-being and satisfaction of customers. I heartily recommend! (opinion from

Nikolai Shevchenko 17.08.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
[EN] My adventure with Vita Dent began in October 2018. Despite crooked teeth, I had a tragic situation with gums (such that some orthodontists from other dental offices, simply told me that they are not able to give any guarantee that during the treatment it will not be even worse). Fortunately, I met Dr. Marcin Gdule, who immediately impressed me with his professional and optimistic approach to my rather complicated situation, on 1 visit we discussed all possible options, and immediately I got a treatment plan. Over these 2 years I had better and worse moments (who had the camera will know what's going on). I must emphasize that throughout the treatment I had constant contact with Dr. Marcin, which was really helpful in the situation of any problems. I always had support and I could count on the help of Vita Dent employees, for which I thank them VERY MUCH. I would like to thank Dr. Arman Babayanu with whom I had 3 extractions of "eights" The doctor also showed his professional approach, I did not have any problems at all. I can wholeheartedly recommend Vita Dent especially to those who are going to put on a brace. Thank you very much, the entire Vita Dent crew, doctors and assistants. You are doing a very good job. Thank you and best regards. [EN] My adventure with Vita Dent clinic began at the beginning of 2018. I had a quite complicated situation with my teeth and gums ( previously I've visited other orthodontists and they didn't give me any good prognoses) Fortunately, I met Dr. Marcin Gdule. I at once was impressed by his professional and optimistic approach to my quite complicated situation. During the first appointment we discussed all possible options and established the treatment plan. Over the last two years of treatment period I had a constant contact with Dr.Marcin, who really helped with every issue. I appreciate his support and would like to THANK HIM A LOT! Furthermore, I'd like to also thank Dr. Arman Babayan who extracted three of my wisdom teeth. He also have shown his professional attitude. I would highly recommend the Vita Dent clinic to all people who are looking to entrust their teeth to professionals. [RU] Мое первое знакомство с клиникой Вита Дент началось в начале 2018 года. У меня была довольно сложная ситуация с зубами и деснами ( ранее я посещал других ортодонтов, и они не давали мне хороших прогнозов), к счастью, я встретил доктора Марчина Гдуле. Он сразу же произвел на меня позитивное впечатление, особенно его профессиональный и оптимистичный подход к моей довольно сложной ситуации. Во время первого приема мы обсудили все возможные варианты и составили план лечения. В течение двух лет лечения у меня был постоянный контакт с доктором Марчином, который действительно помогал во всех вопросах. Я ценю его поддержку и хотел бы поблагодарить! Кроме того, я хотел бы также поблагодарить доктора Армана Бабаяна, который удалил мне три зуба мудрости. Он также показал свой профессионализм. Я бы очень рекомендовал клинику Vita Dent всем людям, которые хотят доверить свои зубы профессионалам. (opinion from

Maciek Wnukiewicz 27.06.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I was treated prosthetically in this facility. My treatment is over and I am very happy with the end result. I was pleasantly surprised that the visits were on time, without delays, which rarely happens in dental offices. Friendly service, experienced dentists, a place worth recommending. (opinion from

Dominika Zajączkowska 10.03.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Doctor Marcin is a fantastic doctor! I am after complex dental treatment, most of which (orthodontic) was performed by Dr. Gdula and I must admit that I did not expect such an effect. In addition to orthodontic treatment, he coordinated the work of other doctors all the time. All employees, starting from the reception and hygienists, and ending with the doctors were incredibly patient and helpful. I can't imagine going anywhere else with dental problems than here. After two years, I have a beautiful smile. (opinion from

Ivan Yushkevich 05.03.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Great place, at the reception I do not feel that I am in the office so the stress is less 🙂 Professional approach to the patient, satisfactory results and kindest staff. Everything I expect I have in one place. Recommend. (opinion from

Remigiusz Król 07.02.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Lately, I've been plucking the bottom eight. There was no problem with making an appointment with a short waiting time. A photo was taken of me and explained exactly how the procedure would proceed. During the procedure, I did not feel any pain, and the doctor was constantly checking if nothing was happening. The procedure itself lasted several minutes (together with a photo, anesthesia and discussing everything about 30 minutes). I was scheduled for a follow-up visit and removal of stitches outside the queue. (opinion from

Marcin Gorzelnik 22.01.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Today I am after 1 visit to the Vita Dent clinic and I can only praise. A few days ago I started to have a neglected toothache and forced by pain I went yesterday in search of help. Very nice ladies registrar found a date for me today. It turned out that the top 5 may be saved without root canal treatment. The doctor did what he could and for now I am waiting for the results. Everything was painless and very professional. I've already made another appointment. I highly recommend it. (opinion from

Elwira Płacek 29.01.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
It was the first time I met with such a professional approach. The doctor first underwent a short consultation, then the staff took X-rays, tooth prints and oral images on the spot. At the next visit, I was presented with a treatment plan covering all stages and necessary braces along with a cost estimate. Only then did I make decisions about the treatment knowing the details. It was something completely different from other orthodontists I visited, who only looked at the child and already wanted to put on braces, without any tests or the cost of treatment. My daughter and I are very satisfied with the course of treatment. Teeth straighten nicely. Soon we will download the camera. (opinion from

Malgorzata S 09.01.2020 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I was treated by an orthodontist. Initially, I received information that it may take 2 years. It ended up being 12 months without stretching. I heartily recommend, quickly, effectively, concretely. (opinion from

Adam Jankowski 06.12.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Highly recommended. Thank you very nicely and positively I was informed about the further stage of treatment. The whole visit went without hurry. What is often missing in other offices. I wholeheartedly recommend. (opinion from

Andrzej Blachowski 12.11.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Treatment of root canal tooth under a super microscope. The price was given before the procedure, so there was no surprise. The doctor cleaned the canals for 3 hours, but at least the tooth was cured 🙂 (opinion from

Marian Wach 31.10.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Prosthesis inserted great, nothing moves, nothing falls off, 4/5 for queues (opinion from the portal

Julia Majewska 14.10.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Wonderful atmosphere, from entrance to exit. The treatment is clearly explained, painless and fun! Humor P. Martyny took all my fears from me, warm and cordial people. I will definitely come back under the talented hands of Dr. Grzegorz 😉 Regards (opinion from the portal

Michał Cieśla 13.09.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Great service. I came with a toothache to Vita-Dent in Śródmieście. Unfortunately, only one dentist was admitted and there was no more space. Nevertheless, the information was passed to Dr. Gdula to the office in Kiełczów and despite the late hour (after 19) I was admitted. Thanks! (opinion from

Krystian Margas 27.07.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
The treatment with Mrs. Daria is pure pleasure. Full commitment to the client leaving with a smile on his face is the specialty of this lady. If I have to return, it will be only here, because you set new standards of service. I highly recommend Vita-Dent. (opinion from

kwicz kwicz 03.06.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Great service and professionally performed cleansing treatment. Removing the stone completely painlessly. Mrs. Daria has angelic patience and is very thorough. Teeth look dazzling after the cleansing procedure before whitening. I highly recommend! (opinion from

kwicz kwicz 16.05.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Hello, today I had a hygienistic procedure (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation) I do it every year in different places without attaching importance to it until today. I would like to thank Mrs. Daria P. for a very well performed procedure, I have never had it done so thoroughly before:D Great positive person, smiling, great care for the patient. For Mrs. Daria and Vita-Dent 5 stars from me. I will definitely come back, I recommend to everyone. (opinion from

Adrian Kuta 04.03.2019 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I had two eights removed here. Every time nice and professional service. The treatments themselves were also done very well, there were no complications later. (opinion from

Mike from Ireland 20.12.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
The dentists at the Practice of Vita-Dent ul. Nobel 3/1 have been taking care of my teeth for the past 7 years. I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend them to any English speaking visitors to Wroclaw. In the past I have had treatment from Dr. Grzegorz Gdula, Dr. Paweł Kubasiewicz, Dr. Arman Babayan, and on my most recent visit to Vita-Dent; Dr. Joanna Kuczynska. All dentists can communicate clearly in English and have always explained clearly recommended dental work, and carried this work out professionally and painlessly in a friendly and warm environment. Dr.Joanna Kuczyńska mentioned that she had worked in Holland and the U.K., and it was obvious that her experience living and working in England has contributed greatly to her excellent spoken English. She is also a very warm, kind and patient dentist, and has a good sense of humour.

Urszula 21.11.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I am very pleased with the results of Ms. Barbara's work. I have beautiful veneers and painlessly cured cavities. Big plus for listening to the patient and professional approach to the work done. Recommend

Marcia WROCLAW ROADS DW & GsM 28.10.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Super mega I'm happy I went today for consultations, what will be more or less and what you need to do after the dentist on the NFZ mila slim doctor said what and how and stopped me in the chair and pulled out painlessly and quickly tooth, which I was most afraid of and delayed with pulling 😱 out Milutko until you want to come back, a little work in this my snout and probably pay a little, But how can I go with this approach because I will never go to the NFZ again!!!!! I highly 😁 recommend About I already know Mrs. Asia with the help of Mrs. Ada perfection (opinion from the portal

Huberto Hubs 19.10.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Professionally and nicely, everything was clearly told to me what would be done and how. Mrs. Dentist very nice. Painlessly and quickly. I recommend to anyone who feels afraid of the dentist (opinion from the 😊 portal

Marta Waszak 10.08.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
If I were asked if I would recommend Dr. Grzegorz Gdula and his Vita-Dent Clinic? I would answer YES. At each visit I meet with a professional approach, great commitment. I always receive comprehensive answers to my questions, the doctor informs me about the method and sequence of treatment, as well as about the costs. Caring for the patient, reminding about regular inspections, hygienization treatments. I RECOMMEND without a shadow of a doubt to EVERYONE. (opinion from

Michał Cieśla 05.08.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I would like to thank Mrs. Iza and Mrs. Gosia for great and professional service. I am very satisfied and heartily recommend it to everyone! 🙂 (opinion from

Roman Surma 15.06.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I am very satisfied with the treatment. Anesthesia administered painlessly. The whole procedure was performed efficiently, professionally – no complications. No surprises or corrections in the following days. In the office, you do not feel this specific tension, characteristic of dental offices. A well-organized bet. Everywhere clean and fragrant. Ladies in impeccable uniforms – although this is perhaps the least important. PS I read carefully all other opinions and I come to the conclusion that it is probably worth trusting only comments that are not anonymous. (opinion from

Łukasz March 11.06.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Revelation! They corrected my 5 teeth after another "dentist" all canal. Without any problems. (opinion from

Ewa 14.04.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I chose Dr. Grzegorz through opinions on the Internet because I moved to Wroclaw. I wasn't wrong. The doctor is professional and very accurate. I have been using the services of the doctor for 4 years and I already have two implants. Always with the Doctor is stress-free and painless.polecam one hundred percent.

Anna Mederska 10.04.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I highly recommend it especially to people who are afraid of dental visits. Services at a very high level in a very nice and warm atmosphere, and most importantly painless. Thank you to the whole 🙂 team (opinion from

Sebcio80 24.02.2018 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Professional approach to the patient. Comprehensive, professional and what is important friendly service! (opinion from

Martyna Rojek 4.12.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I highly recommend the office in Kiełczów! The doctor, despite the finished hours of work, took me under her wing, the pain quickly disappeared, the fear of visiting the dentist also, the tooth instead of being pulled out – stayed in its place 🙂 '! It is a pity that not all doctors work with such dedication to the patient. 🙂 (opinion from

Ein Zwein Drei 14.11.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Dentist Mrs. Ewelina-recommend with all my heart, kindest, full professionalism, great advice and very low prices, very modern and sterile offices. Gives 6! (opinion from

Mia The Painter 06.10.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
The office is definitely recommendable. A place that combines professionalism and great atmosphere, zero bloat and stiffness popular in the service of zdcolumnsia. Only to envy the team 🙂 You can see that ladies like to work with each other and with patients. You leave this woman's office with a smile on your face (although sometimes a bit crooked from anesthesia;) (opinion from

New Year's Eve Smal 22.07.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
The treatment went smoothly. Service very nice, although I do not know if everyone would like joking during the procedure. In addition, SMS reminders about the visit are very positive. I subtract one star for the 20th delay of the visit. ;> (opinion from

Avastudio Stankiewicz 28.06.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Professional in every aspect. Great approach to the patient, thanks to which the whole visit is accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere. Very high skills and knowledge. If someone has concerns about visiting the dentist, he should go to Dr. Grzegorz, all fears and fears will disappear. (opinion from the portal

B. Kożuch 14.04.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Good morning, I would like to thank Dr. Izabela for saving the tooth and for the wonderful dental care. So far, I have not met with such a cordial and professional approach to the patient. I am glad that I finally found my permanent dentist. Wishing you a happy Easter

Radek M. 12.03.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Very nice service, everything przepcolumnplanted painlessly and quickly. (opinion from

Kamil S. 03.02.2017 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
As in the description, Mr. Grzegorz is a super professional, gives a sense of comfort and confidence during the visit, answers every question. I am very grateful for your professional help and really good work! Thank you 🙂 (opinion from the portal

Kasia L. 20.04.2016 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I came to Dr. Grzegorz in July 2015 after many years of avoiding dental offices. I was frightened and ashamed of the state of my teeth. The doctor turned out to be a warm, tactful and very kind man and a great specialist. For several months, we have been successively implementing the treatment plan set and discussed in detail at the first visit. Today I am already after several implant procedures. Everything runs smoothly and smoothly. A very well-equipped office makes it possible to arrange everything on the spot, without wasting time and additional stress. The doctor always answers all questions and doubts exhaustively. Each stage of implantation is discussed, after the visit specific recommendations are given. A person simply feels "taken care of" 🙂

Adam Jankowski 22.05.2014 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I would like to thank the dentists from Vita-Dent for the great dental care and the enormity of work put into my teeth, painlessly, quickly and cheaply, I recommend to everyone. (opinion from

Milena 25.01.2014 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Thank you very much for your professional and reliable dental care. Dr. Marcin even received me on Saturday evening, showing understanding for my situation. All the questions I asked have been answered. I definitely recommend the office and Mr. Marcin to everyone and thank you very much for curing the sponge canal 🙂 Best regards

Dorota 15.09.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I have "always" been very afraid of the dentist. To tell the truth, I avoided these visits. Finally, the day came when I came to Dr. Grzegorz's office with great apprehension and panic. His professionalism and stoic calmness, but at the same time a fantastic approach to the patient and patience allowed him to experience the first and many subsequent visits to the office. With each visit, the fear was less, until finally I believed the doktocolumns that the day would come when I would enter the office with a smile. To tell the truth I did not believe, and yet ….. 😉 Thank you 😉 Now I know that you can treat your teeth without pain, without any complications and problems, even tooth extraction does not have to hurt. I continue treatment and recommend this office to everyone. Subsequent visits no longer keep me awake at night. Visits to doctor Grzegorz allow you to cure not only your teeth, they also treat phobias in front of the dentist. I recommend this office to everyone.

Agnieszka 24.07.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I am very pleased. I am writing this review because I am very satisfied! Mrs. Kuśnierek saved my tooth, although it was not easy, the caries was very advanced – it was not visible from the outside. Despite this, everything worked out, it went smoothly, only a few visits and quite painlessly 🙂 and it turned out really great! Encouraged by this fact, I decided to clean up the eights, and I mention that I was in Wrocław only passing through, on the course. And with eights also a bull's-eye – I was very afraid, but completely unnecessarily! The extraction itself took her literally a minute! and nothing hurt! It also healed very well! This is, of course, about the upper eights, with the lower ones it would not go so easily. In conclusion, I thank the doctor for saving the tooth and I regret that I do not have such a dentist in my city!

Justyna 29.04.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I'm terribly afraid of the dentist. My visit yesterday with a huge toothache ended with leaving the office with a smile on my lips!!! Thank you very much and I heartily recommend 🙂

Jack D. 02.04.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
It was with great trepidation that I came to remove the figure eight. I am a person who would rather suffer than see a dentist. It turned out that it was not necessary. Doctor Marcin convinced me and put the procedure in a few minutes and painlessly. After ten years of not visiting the dentist's chair, I finally got help, thanks to which I will overcome my phobias in the first place, for which I thank you very much.

Witold O. 06.03.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Excellent dental care. From the moment of the first contact with Mr. Marcin until the end of the case, i.e. painless removal of the root of the upper eight neglected by me. No complications, virtually painless and bloodless on the day of surgery and in subsequent posts. The first and last eight removed exemplarily, as never before. I recommend and greet the office on Ogrodowa – a resident of Długołęka.

Marta 21.01.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Many thanks to Mr. Doktocolumns Grzegorz. It was professional, comfortable and painless. I recommend the Vita-Dent clinic to everyone!

Jack D. 12.01.2013 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Thank you to the Vita-Dent Dental Center. Thank you for a nice gift and I recommend this office to everyone.

Rafal 26.12.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Thank you very much for welcoming me on Boxing Day

Eve C. 18.11.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I recommend this dental office to everyone. Doctor Grzegorz is a really great professional. Before I accidentally came to the doctor, I visited many other doctors in Vienna, everyone said something different (of course in terms of earning). Without thinking, Dr. Grzegorz diagnosed what was happening and within an hour I got rid of the pain that had been bothering me for several months. Now I come with my whole family from Vienna only to Dr. Grzgorz. Thanks again for your help.

Jack C. 18.11.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Thank you very much Doktocolumnsi Grzegorz. Thank you for your professional help, equipment and office at a high level.

Bartholomew P. 23.09.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I healed my teeth painlessly. I was received in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. It's important to me because I don't like going to the dentist. Recommend!

Bartek C. 26.08.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I waited quite a long time to visit the dentist. Of course, I regret it very much, but in the end I decided. The choice fell on Vita-Dent and I am more than satisfied! Dr. G. Gdula has great contact with the patient, he is a professional in his profession. I was happy to start treatment, I highly recommend!

Kasia B. 16.07.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I recommend everyone plucking the figure eight in Vita-Dent. The treatment is performed painlessly, sympathetically and nicely, I will heal all teeth thanks to them, I highly recommend. Thank you 🙂

Przemyslaw B. 10.04.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Very professional service. Mr. Marcin has great contact with the customer, when he gets bored with pulling teeth, he should become a salesman. He matter-of-factly instructed me about the procedure, and arranged the whole thing in a few minutes. I would add that it was about the eight, which in two other plants did not want to take the march. Thank you very much for making your life easier and I heartily recommend. Like eights, it's only there. I was received with pain on the same day. Thanks again. A sore jaw can make a man in…

Anna Ł. 16.02.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
After visiting Mr. P. Kubasiewicz. I am a great "panic monger", but I can guarantee that a hair from the head will not fall. Despite the rather complicated procedure of tooth extraction, it took place in the best order. Everything painlessly. Attentive care and self-control. I am also full of admiration for the lady who assisted with such stoic composure and patience. My opinion is unequivocal – I recommend the most and thank you for such a professional service of my person, I cordially greet P. Kubasiewicz.

Anna P. 15.02.2012 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I recommend with all my heart (and I was afraid of the dentist). I recommend everyone to visit Dr. Grzegorz. Individual approach to fearful patients 🙂 Professionalism, friendly service and a cabinet at the European level. You all write about pulling and I also have the pleasure of treating other diseased teeth comprehensively and I am very satisfied. All without stress and without pain 🙂 THANK YOU, Dr. 🙂 I highly recommend it.

Krzysztof 26.12.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Thank you very much for your professional help on Boxing Day. Mr. dentist super guest – thank you, Krzysztof.

Iwona K. 17.12.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
If the tooth is pulled, it is only in Vita-Dent. More fear than this plucking:) And as for Dr. – the right person in the right place:) greetings and happy plucking …;)

Anna K. 30.11.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Doctor Marcin is a really great professional. He has a very good approach to the patient. He tore my teeth twice and I am very happy because it took place without complications. Before treatments, he always says what he will do. I recommend Him to others, you will be as satisfied as I am.

Magda S. 20.11.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I recommend this dental office to everyone. Hello. Service very nice and professional. Pulling out the figure eight, painless, even anesthesia, I did not feel so fast, everything happened. For 3 days I was tormented in pain and here 20 minutes and after pain. After removal, professional instruction in the further proceedings for rapid healing . Thank you and I recommend it.

Mark T. 18.10.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
It is not afraid to pull out the wisdom tooth. I heard from my friends how terrible it is to pull a wisdom tooth, I went slightly scared to Vita-Dent and here a nice surprise, tearing was completely painless and stress-free :). In general, since I started treating teeth in Vita-Dencie, I stopped being afraid of the dentist 🙂

Hubert Ł. 14.10.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I return to the Czech Republic with my teeth blown away. Very professional service and I return to the Czech Republic with zdcolumnsymi teeth.

Kamila R. 12.10.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I avoided dentists with a wide arc. For as long as I can remember, I have always preferred to avoid dentists with a wide arc, and everything changed after visiting Mr. Marcin. Unthinkable – to like the dentist?:P AND YET. everything painlessly and with a smile :)The equipment in the office is probably one of the best! there is everything, even X-ray on the spot:] you do not need to fly around the city and snap photos:) Everything in the best conditions:) I come home always happy,and the note with the next visit I always keep on top-not to forget:))and think that I got there by accident. I greet and thank you for the treatment so far.

Anna K. 16.07.2011 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Already after the removal of the eight. There was so much suffering, pain and fear before the visit and completely unnecessary 🙂 Now I know that. On the chair the fear did not leave me further :-), I even tried to "talk" to Dr. Marcin, but as it turned out, pulling out the figure eight was completely painless, quite quickly (the tooth did not give up without a fight) and professionally. A very professional approach in explaining everything that will happen and what you need to pay attention to after the procedure is extremely important and you can see that the doctor knows it perfectly well ;-). Everything heals nicely and did without a "hangover" ;-)on the second day. I am satisfied and heartily recommend Vita – Dent clinics

Andrew 16.06.2010 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Tooth like new. Really professional and friendly service, zero pain and a tooth like a new 🙂 Recommend.

Tomasz Bilinski 2010-02-03 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Hello, treatment in Vita dent is a pleasure, very nice service and of course a profession in your hands. I pulled out three wisdom teeth, practically two without pain, one gave me a little burn, but I managed. I greet the whole clinic Vita-dent:))

Andrzej Palczyski 26.06.2009 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
I have been treating myself for 10 years and thanks to the doctor I still have my teeth. Recommend

pepe 2009.03.12 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Tooth treatment or pulling is painless, the maxim of Dr. Grzegorz is zero pain, the minus that it is far away but from the main station is easy to reach

Huboo 24.02.2009 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Completely painless. Everything ok, I recommend.

Edyta 31.01.2009 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Everything OK

Fuzelek 29.07.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
The seat is quite nice, but the access road is not in the best condition ;-|

Arek 20.07.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
It was ok

Lukasz Dvornicki 13.06.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw

Martin 10.05.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Four teeth healed. I have to say it was pretty cool for a dentist. I cured 4 teeth without pain!

Monika 22.02.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Very nice and gentle care. Sensationally, without pain I healed all cavities. I recommend it to everyone.

Eva M. 08.02.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
OK. I pulled 2 teeth

Maciek T. 29.01.2008 Dentist reviews Wroclaw
Recommend. I healed 4 teeth here, painlessly and quite quickly.

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