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We regret to inform you that due to the lack of a pedodontist in our office, we accept children only after the age of 10. This limitation does not apply to laser surgery. We apologize for the inconvenience. The era of panicky fear of the dentist is slowly becoming a thing of the past. In an age of modern anesthesia and painless dental treatments, a visit to the dentist can become a routine activity for our children as well. However, in order for this to be done, it is necessary to prepare the child properly for a visit to the office and carry out medical procedures. This function is performed by an adaptive visit. An adaptation visit is a meeting of a small patient with a dentist doctor in the form of fun. During such a visit, children tame themselves with the surroundings, can ride in the chair, play with a blower or watch the teeth in the intraoral camera. The dentist's doctor will show you how to properly take care of hygiene and brush the teeth, and finally gives a diploma to the brave patient. It is important that the adaptation visit takes place in the form of fun and curiosity to get to know the surroundings. During its duration, no dental procedures should be performed so that the child has no bad associations. This will make it easier to contact the dentist later without stress. It should avoid the situation when the first visit to the office is carried out due to toothache, as such experience often causes a later fear of further treatment. Faqs:
  • When should the first adaptation visit take place? – the baby's first visit to the office should take place at the age of 2-3 years. Some children need more than one adaptation visit, especially patients after previous unpleasant experiences associated with the so-called white coat.
  • How often should the condition of the child's teeth be checked? – the frequency of follow-up visits is determined by the doctor after the initial examination, he takes into account the susceptibility of teeth to caries and the state of hygiene. Usually, control visits are carried out every 6~9 months.
  • How to prevent caries of milk teeth? – in addition to the obligatory brushing with a toothbrush, a large strengthening of tooth enamel can be obtained as a result of regular professional preventive treatments – fluoridation of tooth enamel, i.e. tooth varnishing and tooth sealing.
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