Laser biostimulation – accelerated healing

Laser biostimulation with low-energy LLLT lasers is a well-known method that accelerates healing and reduces pain. In dentistry, their main use is the treatment of all kinds of wounds and diseases in the mouth such as:
  • Diseases of the gums, mucosa, periodontal, aphths, herpes (first high-power laser disinfection is performed).
  • Wounds after removal of the tooth, resection of the root, reconstruction of the bone.
  • Wounds after implantological, regenerative procedures, on soft tissues.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia, nerve damage after surgery.
  • Reducing toothsensitivity, reversing reversible tooth pulp inflammation.
How does laser healing biostimulation work? The mechanism of action in the tissue is associated with the absorption of laser radiation with low power and energy density and long exposure time. The energy of the 635nm wavelength laser stimulates mitochondrial enzymes and thus increases the production of ATP energy particles. This leads to increased synthesis of DNA and RNA by cells and accelerates cellular divisions. Exposed tissue gets to accelerate proliferation processes so that healing occurs much faster. A low-energy laser reduces histamine levels and improves microcirculation, resulting in a decrease in inflammation, swelling and soreness of the soreness of the sore tissues. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • The dentist selects the appropriate laser power and the duration of exposure depending on the treated condition, then exposes the disease-changed places. The procedure usually lasts a few minutes and is completely painless.
  • In the case of difficult healing or larger post-treatment wounds, re-exposure is recommended, 2 times the exposure at interval every 2 days, performed by dental hygienist. Healing of large post-treatment wounds, paralysis or interruption of nerve continuity may require a dozen cycles of exposure, usually at intervals of 2-3 days.
  • Treatment of herpes and aft in the mouth is a little different, as before performing laser biostimulation of herpes or afta is dried with a high-power laser 980nm to reduce the amount of bacteria and stop replicating herpes virus in Wound.
  • Is it possible to irradiate the wound several times to speed up healing? – Unfortunately not, studies have shown that exceeding the dose of 10J / cm2 has an analgesic effect by reducing inflammation, but at the same time slows down the healing of damaged tissues. The dentist so chooses the dose of the laser, so as not to exceed 8J/cm2 – then the biostimulation effects are best.
  • What are the contraindications to laser biostimulation? – because biostimulation is a procedure that accelerates vital processes in tissues, a complete contraindication to laser biostimulation are: cancer, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, febrile conditions.
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