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A beautiful white smile is a sign of happiness, youth and health. More and more of our patients are choosing to beautify their smile with something that will pay attention and attract attention – swarovski plaque crystal. The fashion for dental jewelry and ornaments glued to the enamel of the tooth came to us from the USA and is gaining increasing popularity. The use of dental jewelry allows you to achieve a attention-catching effect at a small cost. This is an excellent alternative to other methods of body decorating, as it is completely safe and reversible. We offer plaque crystals to the renowned jewelry company Swarovski. What does putting jewelry on your teeth look like? Here is a simplified scheme of the procedure:
  • First visit: the dentist dries the tooth and etches the enamel surface, and then using a light-curing material glues the ornament – dental crystal to the enamel of the selected tooth. The procedure itself lasts about 10 minutes and is completely painless and safe for tooth enamel.
  • What is the procedure of putting on dental jewelry? – crystals are glued to tooth enamel in a completely non-invasive way, without drilling – using dental materials.
  • Can the crystals be downloaded at any time? – Yes, the crystal is glued to the tooth and it can be removed from the tooth at any time by the dentist. After removing the remains of dental glue and polishing the enamel surface of the tooth remains completely intact.
  • How long does jewelry last on the teeth? – dental jewelry stays on the teeth from several months to several years, during this time there are no restrictions on how to chew food or how to take care of oral hygiene.
  • On which teeth are crystals glued? – crystals are usually glued on the teeth with "twos" or "threes", if the patient is not decided about the place of cementing the crystal, we are happy to help in making a decision by presenting a possible aesthetic effect before gluing the dental decoration.
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