Colorful fillings in milk teeth

How easy is it to convince a small patient to treat caries? One of the effective methods in addition to the appropriate adaptive visit and the experience of a dentist doctor in the treatment of children are colorful fillings. They are assumed in milk teeth and they provide a great incentive to undertake treatment for the youngest patients – there is always something to boast about in kindergarten 🙂 What does wearing a colored seal look like? Here is a simplified scheme of the procedure:

  • First visit: a children's dentist, after explaining the child how to treat and perform possible anesthesia, cleanses the tooth from caries as to any other type of filling. After preparing the tooth, it dehuries it and puts on a portion of the material in the color chosen by the child. The final stage is to harden the filling with a special lamp and polish it. After the visit, each small patient receives a sticker "brave patient".


  • are colored fills less durable than classic seals? – in our office we use only top-notch dental materials. Twinky Star fills are currently the best dental fillings adapted to milk teeth in children. Their composition guarantees the gradual release of fluoride, which further strengthens the structure of the tooth and causes its lower susceptibility to caries in the future.
  • can anesthesia be used in children? – yes, in our clinic we have special anesthesia adjusted with dose and power to the needs of small patients. For anesthesia, children use special carp instead of standard syringes which, combined with surface anesthesia of the mucosa, guarantees a painless course of anesthesia.
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