Management after dental implantation

Any surgical interference leading to a violation of tissue continuity requires appropriate post-treatment proceedings. The procedure for implanting dental implants is a rather invasive procedure, although its predictability and effectiveness makes it often the best solution to rebuild lost teeth. In order to minimise the risk of post-treatment complications, it is very important to act appropriately after implanting the implant:
  • on the day of implantation treatment:
  • take all medicines in the way that your doctor rewrites
  • do not eat and drink until anesthesia has resolved
  • do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes
  • avoid hot food and drinking
  • cold wraps at the site of the procedure are indicated to reduce swelling
  • avoid touching the wound with your tongue or fingers
  • avoid drinking by straw, clogging, sucking wounds
  • do not brush your teeth directly at the wound to avoid scratching the wound, do not rinse the mouth
  • eat only soft, peppered food
  • do not exercise due to the risk of wound bleeding
  • 7-10 days after implant surgery
  • avoid touching the wound with your tongue or fingers
  • rinse your mouth prescribed by your doctor with a rinse
  • avoid biting on the treatment side after eating rinse gently with the mouth with lukewarm water
  • when brushing, watch out for the possibility of irritating the wound with a brush
  • in the event of temporary recovery on the implan, it is not allowed to bite such reconstruction until the final reconstruction is carried out
After the procedure, implants may appear as part of the wound. This is a normal reaction of the body. In the case of large bone regeneration, the procedure for lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus may be higher, if single implants are implanted, swelling may not occur. Appropriate pharmacotherapy plays a very important role in the rapid healing process. Our patients receive written instructions for behaviour and a written pharmacotherapy after each implantological procedure. If you have any doubts about proper healing, please contact us.
Follow-up after implanting implants Follow-up after implanting implants Follow-up after implanting implants

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