Laser undercutting of lip or tongue rods

Frenulum undercutting is one of the most common gum surgery. The rod is a fibrous tissue covered with a mucous membrane. It combines the lower and upper lips with gums and the lower part of the tongue with the bottom of the mouth. The adult rod of the upper, lower, or tongue may cause many different health and functional complications, including:
  • formation of a gap between the upper or lower incisors – the so-called diastema
  • Gum recessions – lowering gums in the vicinity of the lip rod trailer
  • pronunciation disorders, mainly plouds r, l, ż, sz, part of the
  • bite disorders caused by incorrect swallowing pattern
  • problem with keeping dentures – dropping prosthesis by a tight rod
In the case of an adult tongue rod, a speech therapy consultation is recommended to determine the indications for surgery to cut out the rod or conservative treatment. In the case of overgrown rods of the upper or lower lip, the decision to indicate to undercut the rod is taken by the dentist. Usually, the best solution in this situation is the laser undercutting of the overgrown, too large rod. It is important that the procedure – if there are medical indications to it was performed as soon as possible after diagnosis, so that the overgrown rod does not cause adverse changes described above. If there are no specific indications, the procedure is carried out from the age of 7, after the breakout of the solid seed teeth. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • The dentist examines the points of the trailer of the rods of the lips into the gums, their range and thickness, after qualifying for the procedure of undercutting the rod, the doctor performs anesthesia and laser-removes the redundant fibrous tissue of the overgrown rod. In case of undercutting of the tongue rod, the decision to indicate the procedure is most often taken by an endocrinologist or speech therapist.
  • Thanks to the use of a laser, the excision of the rod does not require the wearing of seams and the procedure is completely painless and usually bloodless. The duration of the procedure is usually a few minutes.
  • After the procedure, the doctor exposes the post-surgical wound with a biostimulation laser to speed up healing.
  • No further treatment is required after undercutting the rod of the upper or lower lip. In the case of undercutting of the tongue rod, speech therapy is required to learn the correct movements of the tongue and avoid re-growth.
  • What is the difference between laser frenulum undercutting and scalpel undercutting? – laser treatment has many advantages. The use of laser causes less traumatization of adjacent tissues, almost complete lack of bleeding during and after surgery, and thus much faster and less stressful procedure for the patient. Additional exposure of the wound with a biostimulating laser after surgery combined with the above advantages causes much faster wound healing and less post-treatment soreness.
  • Is the frenulum undercut painful? – frenulum undercutting, like all dental surgery procedures, is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless.
  • How do I know if I need to cut the frenulum? – The easiest way to be sure that you need to cut the frenulum is to consult a dentist. Often, rods are undercut from orthodontic indications at the start or during orthodontic treatment. The speech therapist or laryngology may also draw attention to the overdeveloped rod. A simple test for assessing the frenulum of the lips is the so-called pulling test – when pulling the upper or lower lip in the place where the frenulum reaches the gum, there should be no visible whitening of the gum. If you see gingigary overtime, then it is worth consulting a dentist.
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