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We regret to inform you that due to the lack of a pedodontist in our office, we accept children only after the age of 10. This limitation does not apply to laser surgery. We apologize for the inconvenience. The child's smile is the most important thing for every parent. Unfortunately, deep caries, and thus pain and unpleasant moments on the dental chair cause children to often get hurt for dental treatment. Sometimes such an injury stays for life. In addition to accurate oral hygiene, very good dental treatment protecting your own healthy teeth from caries is teeth lacing. Lacing teeth is a procedure consisting in sealing and filling furrows and various types of cavities in the solid teeth. Such furrows due to their depth are very difficult to properly clean, and therefore often form a place where tooth decay begins. Solid teeth in children due to weaker mineralization than in adults and inferior dental cleaning techniques are more prone to the rapid development of caries. The procedure is carried out completely painlessly, without the use of a dental drill. Here is its simplified scheme:
  • First visit: the dentist dries the tooth and etches the enamel surface with a delicate acid, then fills the furrows and cavities in the teeth with light-cured lacquer. After making sure that the lak has sailed in all cavities, the doctor exposes the lak with a UV lamp and checks the fit of the material. The treatment of lacing one tooth lasts about 5~10 minutes and is completely painless.
  • Which teeth should be sealed? – Sixth teeth are most often sealed. These are teeth that are the first to be exposed to bacteria and at risk of caries. Other teeth are also laced, provided that they have difficult to clean the furrows – fours, fives and sevens.
  • When should teeth be sealed? – It is best to start sealing teeth immediately after the tooth erupts in the mouth. The sooner lacing treatment is performed, the faster the tooth will be protected from caries.
  • Are sealing and varnishing teeth the same treatment? – No, tooth varnishing consists in smearing the teeth with a special fluoride preparation. This increases the amount of fluoride ions in the enamel and this increases its resistance to pH drops caused by bacteria. The procedure of lacing the teeth does not protect the furrows mechanically, but only strengthens the enamel. Tooth coating is recommended to be repeated every 6~8 months, with all teeth being poured. The procedure of lacing teeth protects the furrows mechanically. It is made only on the stem and pre-shank teeth. There is no need to repeat it, you only need to control the state of the laku every 6~9 months.
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