The course of orthodontic treatment

Currently, many patients undertaking orthodontic therapy come to the office in adulthood. Often these are patients with "their history", i.e. treated in the past with removable braces or patients who have not previously undertaken therapy for various reasons

Orthodontic. Regardless of the causes, dental defect or age , the procedure is similar.

First orthodontic visit

The first stage is an orthodontic consultation. The doctor gets acquainted with the patient's expectations and orthodontic diagnostics are performed, needed to create a treatment plan. It includes intraoral images, extraoral images, impressions, as well as the necessary radiological diagnostics. Orthodontic consultation allows the orthodontist to assess facial features, smile lines, temporomandibular joint function, as well as the position of teeth in occlusion and rest. Based on the collected data, the doctor prepares a treatment plan.

Second visit – treatment plan

At the second visit, the doctor presents the treatment plan, i.e. all possible treatments, length and costs associated with the installation of the device in such a way that the patient can consciously choose the method that suits him best. This is a very important stage, because treatment methods may differ in the total time of treatment, costs incurred or the need to remove some teeth.

Third visit – installation of fixed braces

If the patient accepts the treatment plan, the braces are installed at the third visit. The whole procedure takes a maximum of 90 minutes and is completely painless. Usually all the necessary locks are put on the upper and lower teeth. It also happens that only a few brackets are put on at the initial stage of treatment to prepare the teeth for more complicated shifts.

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