Platelet-rich plasma – Vampire lifting

Vampire lifting, mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma is a procedure consisting in subcutaneous administration of the most valuable elements of blood taken from the patient. It is a safe and natural treatment that has a strong stimulating effect on cells. This happens thanks to the release of platelets, platelet growth factors that stimulate collagen synthesis and also initiate regenerative processes, healing and reconstruction of damaged tissues. Growth factors also activate stem cells, osteoblasts, fibroblasts, endothelial and epidermal cells. Understanding the regenerative properties of platelet-rich plasma influenced the spread of treatments preventing skin aging, wrinkle reduction, facial skin regeneration, scar removal and hair growth support. The effectiveness of the treatment brings almost immediate results, and the lack of harmful effects on health resulted in the exceptional popularity of vampire lifting in a short time. Platelet-rich plasma PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma is a platelet concentrate contained in a small amount of plasma. It enables biostimulation of the body to increase skin elasticity. Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the patient's peripheral blood, from which plasma with platelets from erythrocytes is centrifuged. The therapy consists in injecting platelet-rich plasma into the patient's skin, naturally improving the condition and appearance of tired, dry skin. It is possible to shallow wrinkles around the eyes of the so-called crow's feet, forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, cleavage and hands. This treatment allows you to stimulate the process of hair growth and their thickening. Platelet-rich plasma can also be used for volumetric treatments, introducing the preparation linearly, along wrinkles by injection. After the therapy, the skin is more elastic and better supplied with blood, and wrinkles are smoothed. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • The doctor, after the initial consultation and qualification for the procedure, performs surface anesthesia by applying the Emla anesthetic cream to the skin, then takes blood from the vein in the elbow flexion into tubes with an anticoagulant, which is placed in a specialized centrifuge, where the plasma with platelets is separated from the erythrocytes. After receiving platelet-rich plasma, the doctor proceeds to inject the skin of the face, cleavage, hands or hairy part of the head. The whole procedure takes about 1 hour.
  • The recommended number of treatments is 2 to 6 treatments every 3 weeks, then 1 – 2 times a year. However, the number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin and the patient's regenerative abilities.
  • Is mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma safe? – properly performed treatment does not cause side effects and the risk of complications. Platelet-rich plasma is a material derived from the patient's blood, so its use does not cause the risk of allergies or skin complications.
  • What are the contraindications to the procedure? – contraindications to the "vampire facelift" are: cancer, blood diseases, taking drugs that cause blood thinning, pregnancy or breastfeeding and inflammation of the skin.
  • What should I watch out for after the procedure? – directly, after the procedure, you can return to normal activity. For a few days you should give up sunbathing, sauna and use of the solarium.

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