Flexible dentures – nylon

Flexible dentures, also known as nylon dentures, are one of the newer solutions in the field of dental prosthetics. They are an excellent alternative to traditional partial acrylic dentures. They are made of special elastic material that provides a protection of fracture resistance and much greater comfort of use. Compared to traditional prostheses made of acrylic, they have many advantages that make their use much easier and more enjoyable for the patient:
  • are thinner than the prosthesis of standard
  • have better maintenance – they do not fall
  • do not cause allergic reactions
  • do not have metal buckles – they are replaced by aesthetic buckles in the color of the gums
  • are light and flexible – they do not break and do not crack
  • have less range – they take up less space in the mouth
What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: after qualifying the patient for prosthetic treatment, the doctor takes two impressions – upper and .
  • Second visit: the dentist determines the height of the short circuit in the patient and takes re-impressions on individual spoons made by a dental technician.
  • Third visit: on this visit, trial dentures with teeth fixed on wax are ready. After assessing the appearance of the prosthesis by the patient, the prosthesis is sent back to the laboratory for the purpose of performing a finished elastic prosthesis.
  • Fourth visit: flexible dentures are ready to be donated, the dentist makes any corrections and assesses the correctness of the bite and the position of the prosthesis in the mouth, the dentures are given to the patient.
  • Are flexible dentures durable like traditional dentures? – properly made nylon dentures are more durable than traditional acrylic dentures because they do not break and do not break even after accidental dropping.
  • How long is the waiting time for a nylon prosthesis? – flexible dentures are made in a similar mode as acrylic dentures. From the first visit to the office to give ready-made elastic prostheses, this period may in certain cases be shortened.
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