Immediate dentures

A healthy wide smile perfectly affects our well-being. Currently, thanks to the use of immediate prosthesis, there is no need to give up smiling even after removing the tooth in the front section of the mouth. Immediate prostheses are the fastest way to make up for deficiencies after removed teeth. They avoid unpleasant situations for patients, which is the lack of their own teeth, while providing full functionality and full aesthetic qualities. Immediately after tooth extraction , the patient can leave the dental office with a ready-made prosthesis supplementing all deficiencies. Such prostheses have many advantages. Here are some of them:
  • The patient does not have to appear in public without a set of teeth, which is important especially after the removal of the front teeth in the so-called aesthetic zone
  • Immediate prostheses secure the wound on the tooth and thus significantly improve the healing of the post-extraction wound
  • normal functioning, speaking, eating immediately after tooth extraction
  • inhibit dental bleeding and protect it from food residues when eating
What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: Depending on the number of planned tooth extractions and supplementing them with immediate dentures, the dentist takes appropriate impressions. After choosing the color of the teeth and examining short-circuit conditions, he refers the squeezes to the prosthetic laboratory.
  • Second visit: At this visit, the doctor performs planned tooth extractions. He then adjusts the immediate prosthesis in the patient's mouth and after a while the patient comes out with a ready prosthesis home. Immediate prosthesis completes aesthetic deficiencies after teeth removed.
  • What are the disadvantages of immediate dentures? – The disadvantages of immediate dentures include the need for their lining and correction after the wound healing period after tooth extraction. Usually, such a correction should be made after a period of 3-4 weeks after the removal of the tooth. With multiple tooth extractions, immediate prostheses are treated as temporary and after the gingion is taken, they are indicated to replace them with new dentures – properly tailored to the gogs.
  • Is it difficult to get used to an immediate prosthesis? – adaptation to such a prosthesis is much easier than to a prosthesis performed only after the healing of the extraction wound. This is because there is no period during which the patient can get used to the lack of his own removed teeth – these deficiencies are supplemented immediately after their insurgency.
  • Can the immediate prosthesis be used permanently? – Often immediate dentures are used for many years. They are no different from traditional acrylic dentures. However, be sure to correct the prosthesis and fit the prosthesis accordingly after the gums have been cleaned up.
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