Skeletal prostheses

Skeletal dentures next to dentures on latches are the best solution among removable prosthetic restorations. They are made of metal, and thanks to the fastening on the buckles and not compressing the patient's gums, they do not have a destructive effect on the alveolar process like ordinary acrylic dentures. Compared to them, they have many advantages that make their use much easier and more comfortable for the patient:
  • thanks to the metal skeleton, they are much thinner
  • almost do not cover the palate – at the upper prosthesis
  • have better maintenance – they do not fall, because they are fixed on buckles
  • do not cause allergic reactions
  • do not oppress the gums and palates – do not destroy the sprocket
  • have a much smaller oral range – they take up little space
What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: after qualifying the patient for prosthetic treatment with a skeletal prosthesis, the dentist takes impressions with impression mass and sends them back to the laboratory.
  • Second visit: the dentist tries on the metal skeleton of the skeletal prosthesis and determines the bite height of the future prosthesis. The visit ends with an additional squeeze.
  • Third visit: the doctor checks the finished skeletal prosthesis in the patient's mouth and, after possible corrections, gives it to the patient and instructs how to care for the prosthesis.
  • If dentures are made of metal, are they not visible in the mouth? – when planning the course of the prosthesis plate, the metal skeleton of the prosthesis is placed on the inside of the teeth – not visible from the outside. Unfortunately, sometimes to ensure the best maintenance, metal fastening buckles must be carried out in the aesthetic zone and then they can be seen. The dentist informs the patient of this possibility even before starting treatment. A possible and equally comfortable alternative is then acetal skeletal dentures or claspless skeletal dentures.
  • Are there any contraindications to the use of skeletal prostheses? – There are almost no contraindications to bite reconstruction with a skeletal prosthesis. This is the best prosthetic solution among moving prostheses. Because of support and maintenance of skeletal prostheses on the patient's mouth buckles, there must be their own teeth, which will serve as pillars.
  • Are they more durable than acrylic dentures? – Yes, skeletal dentures do not break and do not break. This is possible because they are made of metal, which provides much greater durability with much smaller dimensions.
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