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Recent research has shown that as many as 4 out of 10 Poles clamp their jaws or denttheir teeth during sleep. As a result of intense night muscle spasms or teeth grinding, short-circuit muscle contraction disorders may occur, which is manifested by various types of pain. If you are affected by a chronic headache, neck muscles, joints or migraine, then the likely cause of this condition may be unconscious night teeth crimping or teeth grinding. It is interesting that teeth crimping occurs mainly at night and it is completely unconscious. If it is not accompanied by teeth grinding, it does not lead to tooth injury and thus crimping the teeth is quite difficult to diagnose. NTI dental rail helps reduce muscle activity during night crimping and teeth grinding. When intensive muscle spasms are reduced through the NTI rail, the possibility of grinding or crimping teeth disappears, thereby disappearing these characteristic pain symptoms. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • first visit: the dentist will examine the occlusal conditions, the presence of traumatic nodes within the teeth and qualify for treatment with an individual dental splint or NTI dental splint. In the case of individual rails, it will download squeezes on the basis of which dental technicianwill perform an individual rail. If you choose treatment with an NTI rail, the doctor will perform and adjust the NTI rail as early as the first visit.
  • Second visit: in the case of treatment with a splint performed individually, the doctor will check its fit and short-circuit contacts. In case of TREATMENT WITH NTI rail, the second visit is a check-up on which the doctor checks its fit.
  • How long does dental splint treatment take? – the duration of treatment is individual in each patient, the reduction of pain symptoms is observed after 5~7 days of use, while complete recovery and unlearning to clench teeth at night takes from one to several months.
  • What causes clenching or gnashing of teeth? – There may be several reasons, after eliminating possible traumatic nodes within the dentition, the most common cause is a stressful lifestyle.
  • What are other symptoms of teeth grinding or clenching? – in addition to pain in the masseter, neck and joint muscles, other symptoms of clenching or teeth grinding may be: tinnitus, limited mobility of the jaw or head, crackling and jumping in the temporomandibular joints, abrasion and cracking of teeth and wedge cavities in tooth enamel
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