Sandblasting of teeth

Sandblasting of teeth is one of the most effective treatments of aesthetic dentistry. This treatment allows to remove all surface discoloration caused by coffee, tea or cigarettes. The sandblasting treatment allows us to restore our teeth to its former whiter color and radiance, making it completely safe and painless. What does sandblasting of teeth look like? Here is a simplified scheme of the procedure:
  • First visit: the dental hygienist checks the PBI and API hygiene indicators and, if necessary, removes tartar, then cleans the tooth surfaces with a stream of sand and water. Used sand is sucked out of the mouth with a surgical mammal. The procedure lasts about 20-30 minutes depending on the amount of sediment on the surface of the teeth.
  • What is the purpose of sandblasting teeth? – sandblasting of teeth is recommended to deeply remove discolorations and dental deposits resulting from drinking coffee, tea or smoking cigarettes. Such discolorations are very difficult to remove by other methods or brushing teeth. After removing them, the teeth regain the former brighter color and shine
  • Is sandblasting of teeth painful? – properly performed sandblasting of teeth is completely painless, as well as is also completely harmless to tooth tissues and gums.
  • How to take care of teeth after sandblasting? – after the sandblasting procedure, the so-called 24 – hour-long white diet. Coffee, tea, cigarettes, dark juices and other "colorful" drinks and foods should be warned in particular. After this time, you can use a normal diet.
  • How long does the sandblasting effect last? – the durability of the sandblasting effect of teeth depends on the degree of hygiene and eating habits and is usually from 6 months to 2~3 years.
Sandblasting of teeth Wroclaw Cleaning your teeth and removing discoloration on your teeth

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