Dental treatment for instalments

Dental treatment in installments is an increasingly common choice in the case of large plans for comprehensive dental treatment. In our office we offer the possibility of installment payment for dental treatment. This allows immediate start-up of treatment despite the lack of means to cover its costs. Our clinic is a partner of the MediRaty program. The MediRaty program guarantees the lowest interest rate and no initial fees. The patient decides the amount of instalments and the amount of the loan share in the cost of treatment. All the information you need can be obtained on the website If you are interested, please contact our registration or fill out the free Patient Form.

In our clinic it is also possible to pay for services up to PLN 5,000 in the PayDent system. All you need to do is a phone and ID card for the transaction. The whole procedure takes a few minutes during the visit and does not require you to provide any documents. The use of the PayDent service is free of charge if you choose the option of postponing repayment for up to 30 days (you pay back exactly the amount for which the treatment is).

How to get financing for treatment in the MediRaty system:

  • At the first visit, the doctor determines the cost of treatment directly with the patient.
  • The patient may apply for installments by the indicating our facility, or our facility may report the patient's willingness to pay in installments for treatment.
  • the MediRaty consultant contacts the patient directly, verifies his creditworthiness and presents an individual installment offer
  • After signing the contract, the patient can start treatment in our office.
  • repayment in installments takes place according to the schedule attached to the contract with the Patient directly to MediRaty.

How to get financing for treatment in the PayDent system:

  • After the dental visit, the doctor gives the patient the cost of the visit.
  • After the visit, the patient goes to registration and completes a short form by choosing one of the repayment options – 30 days (free of charge) or for 4,8,12 months.
  • Within a few seconds, the patient receives an SMS with a code to approve the contract.
  • The treatment is paid by Mediraty, and the patient pays the amount due directly to MediRaty according to the selected schedule.
Dental treatment for instalments MediRaty

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