Implantological inspection visit

Implantological treatment allows you to reproduce the full function and aesthetics of missing teeth. This is a costly and laborious treatment, so after the end of treatment, adequate care for oral hygiene and reporting on inspection visits on set dates are very important. Crowns and dentures on implants as foreign bodies are of course completely resistant to caries. However, their resistance to plaque sedentary, which is deposited as a result of inadequate oral hygiene, is much smaller than their own teeth. Inadequate hygiene can lead to inflammation of the gum and subsequently to lower the gums and bone atrophy at implants. Regularly carried out inspection visits to implants, allow the doctor to capture the first signs of potential problems and a rapid decisive action to prevent them. Home care of implantoprosthetic work consists of daily brushing of teeth in the morning and evening and mandatory use of dental rinse at least once a day in the evening after brushing the teeth. We also recommend that dental threads be used gently so as not to cause gum bleeding. The course of the inspection visit and its costs:
  • dentist assesses hygiene and gum status when replenished on implants
  • points of short-circuit contact are then checked when chewing teeth and side movements of the mandibular
  • The last step is to take a panoramic image (in the case of large works) or intraoral (in the case of individual implants) and assess the level of bone tissue around the implants and compare with the pictures taken during previous follow-up visits
  • control altimer visit is completely painless
  • duration of the inspection visit is usually about 15 minutes
  • The cost of an implantological follow-up visit is PLN 60 + the cost of radiological examinations
Control visits after the end of implant treatment should take place after 1 and 11 months from the date of giving the patient ready implantoprosthetic work. Then, if there are no complaints or problems, visits should take place regularly every 12~24 months. For any disturbing symptoms such as redness and inflammation of the gums, pain or mobility of work, you should report as soon as possible for a check at your doctor. The above schedule of appointments is a necessary condition for obtaining a guarantee for our implantological treatment. The latest research reports that as many as 45% of implants within 10 years of implantation are covered by inflammation – periimplantitis that can lead to implant loss. Control visits allow early detection and rapid initiation of periimplatitis treatment. Upon the patient's request, we remind you of the upcoming date of the inspection visit in the selected form – by phone or by sms.
Implantological inspection visit Control implantation visit Implantable control visit

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