Treatment of teeth in children

We regret to inform you that due to the lack of a pedodontist in our office, we accept children only after the age of 10. This limitation does not apply to laser surgery. We apologize for the inconvenience. Children in the dental office are often the cause of unnecessary stress for both the dentist who treats a small patient and his parents. We are no longer talking about the huge stress that a child experiences in a dental chair. It doesn't have to be like that. Studies and surveys conducted among physicians treating children as well as their parents have shown that 90% of stressful situations in the office can be avoided by adhering to simple rules. Here they are:
  • The child's first visit to the dentist's office should be an adaptive visit, without treatment
  • you should regularly apply for inspection visits with children – we will avoid the situation that the child comes to the dentist with an already sore tooth and is stressed even before entering the office
  • children should not be frightened by a visit to the dentist, you should avoid the phrases about pain and fear in the dental office in the style: "do not be afraid, it will not hurt" – as a rule, such words refer the opposite effect to the intended
  • to visit the child in the dental office should be approached as a normal, routine activity, thus we do not arouse a sense of fear in a small patient, insecurity
  • it is necessary to avoid bribing children with gifts or other promises before visiting, thus the child begins to notice that the visit is a cause for stress since for its mere participation has promised prizes, after visiting our office every little patient gets from doctor gift for courage
  • How often should milk teeth be checked? – milk teeth, due to lower mineralization than permanent teeth, are much more susceptible to caries and it runs in them much faster. Therefore, inspection visits should take place every 3~6 months – as recommended by the dentist.
  • Is it worth taking care of milk teeth if they fall out anyway? – Yes, it is necessary! Milk teeth retain space for permanent teeth, enabling their proper uprooting. As a result of premature removal of milk teeth, the deformation of bites and subsequent need for orthodontic treatment occurs. In addition, the learned hygienic habits of the young patient stay and will be percentage for the rest of his life.
  • Is it possible to strengthen the enamel of the child's teeth so that they do not spoil so easily? – Yes, simple and painless preventive treatments protecting teeth against caries are – fluoridation of tooth enamel , i.e. tooth varnishing, and protection of permanent tooth furrows, i.e. tooth sealing. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the description of both treatments, they significantly increase the resistance of children's teeth from caries.
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