Laser elongation of the dental clinical crown

Breaking the tooth wall running all the way under the gum usually causes it to be removed. Laser prolongation of the clinical crown of the broken tooth, allows in many cases to avoid the need for extraction and reproduce the function of the tooth for a long time. The most vulnerable to fracture are dead teeth, after duct treatment, although it happens that even a live tooth can crack the gum word which can condemn it to removal. Dead teeth are usually more fragile than the living, adding often large losses of the crown part easily determine the cause of their lower resistance to the forces formed during biting. The procedure of laser lengthening of the clinical crown consists in removing the gum and exposing the root up to the line of tooth fracture, thanks to which it is possible to tightly rebuild the tooth crown using a prosthetic crown or possibly a new filling. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • The dentist anesthetized gum in the broken, broken tooth.
  • It then removes the gum laser in the vicinity of the fracture rope, so that it can be developed for the execution of the prosthetic crown. Further treatment is performed after a period of about 10-14 days, when the gum is completely healed after surgery.
  • If the breaking line runs shallow, close to the edge of the gum, and a reconstruction is planned with a composite, then the doctor can perform such reconstruction on the same visit, because the use of the laser causes the procedure to be completely bloodless.
  • After the procedure, the doctor irradiates the wound with a biostimulation laser to accelerate healing.
  • After gingiting the gum, the doctor grinds the tooth under the prosthetic crown, rebuilding lost tooth tissues.
  • Can all broken teeth be saved in this way? – Unfortunately not, if the fracture of the tooth wall is located deep under the gum, then sometimes the only option for dental treatment is to remove such a tooth.
  • Is the procedure painful? – the procedure of surgical lengthening of the clinical crown of the tooth is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. The use of a laser to remove the gum, and a biostimulation laser after surgery allows aseptic, gentle conduct of the procedure and rapid healing of the post-treatment wound.
laser extension of the dental crown

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