Implants without scalpel and sewing – 3D surgical templates

The use of surgical templates for implantological treatment allows the implant to be implanted within a dozen minutes, with maximum safety and minimal invasive implantation of the implantprocedure. At the same time, planning the procedure on the computer and printing the implantological template on the 3D printer allows the implant to be perfect for the surrounding teeth and the maximum use of the patient's existing bone conditions. The lack of surgical cuts eliminates the need to put on the seams, so that the gingitry healing after surgery is completely painless and much faster than with traditional surgery to implant an implant with cutting and exposing the gum. The greatest advantages of implanting with an implant template are:

  • ideal, computer-planned implant position
  • no gum wounds after surgery
  • no bone atrophy as a result of gum detachment during surgery
  • much faster healing – no scalpel cuts
  • possibility of computer planning and execution of the temporary crown before surgery

The use of a surgical template is ideal for people who are afraid of implant implant surgery, wishing to have the procedure performed in the least invasive way, without seizing the gum – a free technique – flapless. Below is an example of flapless treatment using a 3D template:

  • first visit: A dentist conducts an implantological consultation, during which he presents to the patient possible ways to rebuild missing teeth, and assesses the possibility of implanting with a surgical template using a surgical template Flapless on computer tomography. The visit ends with the collection of prosthetic squeezes necessary to perform a 3D template.
  • Second visit: Before this visit, the doctor designs the implantable template computerand orders it to be printed on a 3D printer. Then, after anesthesia, the implantologist makes drilling under the implant using a template set up in the mouth. The template is based on the adjacent teeth of the patient or gums. After drilling and placing the implant, the wound above the implant is secured with a healing screw. There is no need to put on seams and healing is much faster than the traditional way implants are implanted. After a period of insertion of implants 4 months for the upper jaw or 2 months for the lower jaw, it is possible to make crowns on implants.


  • Can any implant be implanted with flapless method – without scalpel? – The use of an implanttemplate is possible with each implant, making it much easier to place the implant in the bone. A free method, without cutting the gum, is possible when there is no need for additional bone regeneration procedures, as they force the unveiling of the gum with surgical cuts.
  • How long does one implant be implanted using an implant template? – The use of a 3D template allows you to reduce the time of implantation of a single implant to 10-15 minutes, while maintaining the full safety of the procedure, and an ideal position, difficult to obtain a traditional method of implanting.
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