Transverse bite defects – Cross bite

Crossbite is classified as transverse malocclusion. This is a defect that is characterized by the intake of lower teeth to the upper. We distinguish two types of crossbite: lateral (affects the lateral segment) or anterior (the defect includes the teeth in the anterior segment). In addition to the essence of the problem, this defect is usually accompanied by such irregularities as:
  • median line disorder – this is a situation when the line between the upper incisal teeth is divergent from the line between the lower incisal teeth.
  • crowding of teeth – often crossbite is the cause of tooth crowding – the inability to properly position the teeth results in their crowding
  • Asymmetry of lip position – incorrect support from poorly positioned teeth can cause asymmetrical lip position. Asymmetry can affect one lip, or both at the same time.
  • disturbed jaw abduction path – incorrect relation of upper to lower teeth often results in unnatural positioning of the mandible during a short circuit. Over time, there are forced mandibular movements that are reflected in the temporomandibular joint. As a result, the path that the mandible overcomes during short-circuit movements is disturbed.
Cross bite front
Cross bite front

Crossbite – occurrence and consequences

This defect often results from the disparity of the jaw to the mandibular. Congenital defects, genetic conditions, pregnancy, excessive finger sucking/pacifier, parafunctions, abnormal diet as well as abnormal breathing contribute to the defect.

Properly positioned teeth are adapted to the fullness of their function. In the case of teeth set in a crossbite, contacts occur in places that are not intended for this. As a result of incorrect relationships of teeth during the mandible, their damage and abrasion occur. In the case of unilateral lateral crossbite, patients use the side of the dentition that has properly formed dental arches to grind food. The result of unilateral chewing may be an overload of the temporomandibular joint, musculoskeletal pain, aesthetic disorders and headaches.

Cross-bite side
Side cross bite - Orthodoxy of Silesian Insurgents

Treatment strategies:

The cross-bite treatment strategy includes:

  1. Deflection of teeth in the upper arch with simultaneous tilting of the teeth of the upper arch – this procedure usually applies to patients with a slight severity of the defect
  2. The use of intermaxillary intra-aural extracts for the correction of lateral crossbite – this is a similar action as in point. 1 allowing the correction of minor irregularities
  3. Use a curb arch closely matched to the lock slot and tuesday on the upper and/or lower side teeth
  4. In patients during the growth period, the direction of growth can be influenced, which allows for effective orthodontic therapy
  5. Serious bone disproportions manifested by a high severity of the defect can only be treated in cooperation with a maxillofacial surgeon

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