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Fixed-screen cameras are commonly used tools for setting teeth in the right position. These cameras are called constants because the patient is unable to download the camera without the help of orthodontist. Thanks to the constant strength applied to the teeth, the correction of the defect can occur faster and more precisely than with moving (pull) cameras. The most commonly used camera in orthodontics is the solid thin-arched camera Fig 1. In addition to the above, orthodontics often use solid cameras such as Herbsta Hinge, Hyrax Camera or Dystalizer.

Fixed metal camera
Orthodontic metal brackets – these are elements made of austenitic steel. They are distinguished by excellent physical properties and resistance to loads. Thanks to this, the orthodontist doctor is able to mount a camera that persists in adverse conditions of the mouth for many months.
Aesthetic fixed camera
Aesthetic orthodontic brackets – these are elements made of aluminum oxides or zirconium oxides. The aesthetic appearance is similar to the color of the enamel. Despite the lower mechanical strength, aesthetic locks are very successful due to aesthetic qualities.
Orthodontic ring
Orthodontic rings – these are special elements attached to molars. Nowadays, orthodontist doctors often replace the rings with locks dedicated to the hind teeth. Orthodontic rings are used where modern locks cannot be installed.

Before the camera is mounted…

Treatment with a fixed camera consists of several stages. The first and most important is to determine whether orthodontic treatment is needed and its planning. It should be remembered that the camera is only a tool in the hands of a doctor, which without the right plan and knowledge can cause a lot of damage. After discussing and accepting the patient's treatment plan, the camera is mounted on the teeth. Since then, the right treatment begins to control and activate individual camera components every month to correct the teeth. The final stage of treatment with a fixed camera is its disassembly.
Fixed camera

Whether you choose a solid metal or aesthetic camera, treatment should take the same time

Camera fixed frequently asked questions
  • How long does treatment with fixed appliances take? Orthodontic treatment takes an average of 18 – 24 months. This period depends on the severity of the defect and the type of apparatus. The right camera selected for the orthodontic defect of the patient allows you to reduce the time by up to 6 months. When discussing the procedure plan, the doctor accurately determines how and the time it will take for orthodontic treatment.
  • Is treatment with fixed appliances painful? Not. Orthodontic treatment is carried out using minimal strength, which provides maximum comfort during therapy. Feeling pain is an individual matter, but most patients do not experience any ailments during therapy. There are patients experiencing slight discomfort in the act of chewing, which pass in a few days.
  • Do I need to remove any teeth to start treatment? Tooth extraction in most cases adversely affects the patient's facial profile, which we try to avoid. In our office, only exceptional situations are an indication to remove teeth. We put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics and harmony of the bite, the obtaining of which rarely goes hand in hand with the removal of teeth.

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