Partial acrylic prostheses

Partial acrylic dentures are one of the most common solutions when we have to fill in the gaps after a few or a dozen teeth. Such prostheses have several drawbacks, but they are an economical solution especially for winger dental deficiencies. Treatment with prosthetic partial acrylic prostheses proceeds on several visits. Below is a simplified scheme for the execution of acrylic prostheses:
  • First visit: after qualifying the patient for prosthetic treatment with a partial acrylic denture, the doctor takes two impressions – upper and lower.
  • Second visit: the dentist determines the height of the short circuit in the patient and takes re-impressions on individual spoons made by a dental technician. In case of slight dental deficiencies on this visit, a preliminary trial adjective of the prosthesis can be made.
  • Third visit: on this visit, trial dentures with teeth fixed on wax are ready. After assessing the appearance of the prosthesis by the patient, the prosthesis is sent back to the laboratory for the execution of ready-made dentures.
  • Fourth visit: acrylic dentures are ready to be donated, the dentist makes any corrections and assesses the correctness of the bite and its position in the mouth. Ready-made matching dentures are given to the patient.
  • What are the indications for making acrylic dentures? – indications for the implementation of conventional partial acrylic dentures are numerous missing teeth and the lack of financial possibilities of the patient to use other, more beneficial health methods of treatment such as: skeletal dentures, dentures on snaps, dental implants. These solutions do not cause compression of gums and bones. They are more stable and much smaller by volume in the mouth.
  • How often should I change my dentures to new ones? – When using dentures, you should report for follow-up visits once a year. The dentist then assesses the condition of the prosthesis and its fit in the mouth. Usually after 3-5 years the prosthesis ceases to fit perfectly, ceases to be stable and begins to fall – this is an indication for the replacement of prosthesis.
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