Surgical removal of teeth and roots

The days when teeth removal was associated with great pain and stress have already passed irrevocably. Currently, even the removal of third molars , commonly called wisdom teeth, or left, broken tooth roots is carried out under excellent local anesthesia and is completely painless. The patient after supplying the wound after the removed tooth is ready for normal operation. The level of modern dentistry saves even damaged teeth roots, although sometimes tooth destruction is so large that tooth extraction is necessary. Teeth are removed from the following indications:
  • significant decaying of the tooth requiring ductal treatment in the absence of the possibility of such treatment
  • difficult to make a nuisance of inflammation in the area of the tooth of the eighth
  • stopping the eighth tooth – when there is no chance for its proper eruption due to too little space in the dental arch, such teeth are removed in order to avoid dangerous complications such as the formation of a bud cyst
  • orthodontic indications – when the high-rise wisdom tooth causes other teeth to move and disrupt aesthetics in the anxine
  • Is there a lot of pain in the area after the extraction after the extracted tooth? – pain after a delicate tooth extraction often does not occur at all, if it is already minor and usually disappears spontaneously within a few hours. In case of difficult complications of tooth extraction, the doctor prescribes appropriate medications to ensure painless wound healing after the tooth is removed
  • Is it possible to immediately fill in the gaps after the removed teeth? – Yes, this possibility is available thanks to the use of immediate dentures given to the patient immediately after tooth extraction, or using tooth implants, it all depends on the condition of the bone tissue surrounding the removed tooth.
  • Is an antibiotic always given after the procedure? – no, the antibiotic is given only in the case of difficult extractions in order to prevent a complicated course of healing of the extraction wound
  • Does smoking worsen wound healing? – Yes, smokers significantly increase the risk of complicated healing of the postoperative wound and the formation of the so-called dry socket, therefore smoking should be avoided for a period of 24 hours after the procedure, in the case of painful – difficult healing, a visit may be necessary to resupply the wound with appropriate medicines – such a visit in our office is free of charge
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