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Thanks to having the latest Vatech PAX-I3D Smart computed tomograph in our office, we can offer patients endodontic tomography of the tooth in extremely high accuracy – 0.1mm! All this while maintaining a minimum dose of radiological radiation, which thanks to the unique GreenCT® technology is lower than in older dental tomographs! Performing endodontic tomography of teeth is increasingly becoming a standard element of effective diagnostics before:Faqs:
  • Is performing endodontic tomography not harmful due to X-rays? – thanks to the use of the latest dental tomograph and patient shield during the examination, the dose of absorbed X-ray radiation is lower than the dose of "background radiation" absorbed during the patient's stay in the open air for a period of 1 day. This is therefore a negligible dose, while the benefits of such a study for the patient and doctor are very large, sometimes saving the tooth from removal, thanks to the thorough diagnosis of the problem.
tomography of the wrocław tooth Endodontic tomography Wroclaw

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