TOMography ENDO – partial

Thanks to our office of the latest vatech PAX-I3D Smart computer tomograph, we can offer patients the execution of endodontic tooth tomography in exceptionally high accuracy – 0.1mm! All this while maintaining a minimum dose of radiological radiation, which thanks to the unique GreenCT technology® is lower to 50% than in older dental tomographs! The execution of endodontic tooth tomography, increasingly becomes a standard element of effective diagnosis before:

  • multi-channel dental treatment – stem, pre-switching
  • re-treatment – reendo
  • pain treatment with unexplained origin at the dead and living teeth
  • endodontic microsurgery procedures – resections of the top of the tooth root


  • Isn't the execution of endodontic tomography harmful due to X-rays? – thanks to the use of the latest dental tomograph and patient cover during the examination, the dose of absorbed X-ray is lower than the dose of "background radiation" absorbed during the patient's stay in the open air for a period of 1 day. This is therefore a negligible dose, while the benefits of such a study for the patient and doctor are very large, sometimes saving the tooth from removal, thanks to the thorough diagnosis of the problem.
tomography of the wrocław toothEndodontic tomography Wroclaw