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White discoloration on the front teeth is an aesthetic problem for many patients. They are usually the result of malformations of enamel, excessive supply of fluoride during development altimeders or initial symptom of caries. Until now, such treatment could only be carried out by invasive methods, which was not recommended if discoloration was not too visible. Teeth whitening used in such cases could even exacerbate the problem and additionally whiten the spots, which could be even more visible. Fortunately, treatment with ICON material allows you to get an even color and translucency of the tooth. Such treatment is completely traumatic, without boring. The main reason for the visibility of white discoloration on the surface of the tooth is damage to the enamel and incarceration within it within the air and water particles. This changes the direction of the light collapse on the surface of the enamel, which exposes itself to a white spot on its surface. ICON penetrates into the resulting porosity, and since its light refraction coefficient is similar to enamel, white discoloration sits no longer visible. What the course of treatment looks like:
  • Treatment with DMG ICON is carried out without the use of drills. The changed enamel surface is first cleaned and polished and then etched with special ICON etch liquid. After rinsing and drying the surface of the tooth, icon is applied, which, by infiltrating the structure of the damaged enamel, eliminates the white spots on its surface. Finally, the tooth is illuminated with a polymerization lamp and polished.
  • is ICON treatment painful? – the treatment is non-invasive, therefore the patient does not feel any pain, the surface of the tooth is only polished at the beginning and end of the procedure with special rubber bands, the tooth structure is not disturbed in any way with a drill.
  • can ICON remove all discolorations? – most discolorations are removed completely. If we are dealing with large deep discolorations, the treatment of surface digestion is repeated 2-3 times which if it does not remove discoloration in its entirety it will certainly significantly reduce its visibility.
  • Does removing discoloration damage the enamel? – ICON preparation, penetrating into micropores and unevenness of enamel, increases its tightness, and thus increases its resistance to caries. Thanks to this property, this preparation is also used to treat initial caries without the use of drills.
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