Dental treatment plan

A dental treatment plan is a written summary of all the patient's therapeutic problems, along with comprehensive planning for achieving full oral health. It happens that patients complain that they treat their teeth all their lives, and they are damaged anyway. Such effects are caused by the immediate treatment of dental problems, instead of a methodical approach to treatment, according to all 7 stages of dental treatment. Just as a good project is necessary to build a stable house, so comprehensive dental treatment, in accordance with the principles of medical art, allows you to maintain oral health even for the rest of your life. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: The dentist learns about the patient's dental problems and expectations regarding the effects of treatment. Then it performs full dental diagnostics, which consists of:
  • After discussing the noticed dental problems with the patient, the doctor makes another appointment. The dentist then creates a treatment plan. Depending on the needs, the treatment plan is consulted with doctors of various specialties: prosthodontist, orthodontist, implantologist or endodontist.
  • Second visit: At this visit, the doctor has a comprehensive dental treatment plan printed and presents it to the patient. Clarifies any queries and doubts. After such a visit, the patient knows his dental problems, the recommended order of their treatment and the risks that may arise if such treatment is abandoned. Dental treatment performed in accordance with the presented plan gives the greatest certainty of the right approach to the patient's health problems and a chance to preserve the patient's teeth even for the rest of his life. In contrast to ad hoc, accidental treatment, masking only the actual health needs in the oral cavity.
  • What does a dental treatment plan look like? – The sample plan consists of 2 parts. From the descriptive part, in which all the details and costs of treatment are described, and the visual part, where the patient can see his treatment problems in intraoral pictures taken at the first visit. An example of the descriptive part is visible in the pictures next to it.
  • Does the treatment plan oblige me to start treatment? – A comprehensive treatment plan is a guideline for the patient, signaling his dental problems. The patient decides for himself whether to continue dental treatment according to the presented plan. Preserving teeth for the rest of your life is possible, but it requires proper dental treatment and regular hygiene visits to maintain oral health.

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