Hygienic visit – prevention of caries

Regular hygiene visits are the basis for the durability of each dental treatment and the longest maintenance of your own teeth. Thanks to hygiene procedures, treatment effects are perpetuated and the possibility of further health problems within the mouth in the future. An important element ending the visit is the oral hygiene instruction tailored to the individual medicinal needs.

Main objectives of the hygienic visit:

  • Fixation of the results of the existing treatment: Dental hygienist performs preliminary diagnosis of oral health by calculating API and PBI hygiene indicators. Especially carefully checked the condition of the gums, teeth, fillings, prosthetic awakens or implants.
  • Professional dental cleaning: Dental hygienist, depending on your needs, performs professional dental cleaning treatments such as toothstone scalping and tooth sandblasting.
  • strengthening of teeth: After the procedure, the hygienist performs fluoriation of teeth to strengthen the surface of the enamel and protect against caries.
  • Hygiene instruction: Depending on the health problems noted, dental hygienist talks to the patient and identifies oral health problems and chooses the right way to care for the hygiene of teeth and gums.

Who wouldn't want to keep his teeth all his life long? At the current level of dentistry, this is becoming more and more patients! However, the patient's close cooperation with dental syndrome and the implementation of basic hygiene rules for daily habits also at home is based:

  • daily teeth washing – minimum 2x per day
  • threading of spaces between the teeth – a minimum of 1x per day
  • use of mouth washable fluids after brushing your teeth – minimum 1x per day in the evening
  • hygiene visits every 6-12 months combined with monitoring of oral hygiene


  • how often to perform hygienic teeth? – according to the recommendations of the WHO World Health Organisation, hygiene visits should take place every 6-12 months. For patients completing a comprehensive treatment, we send a text message about the upcoming hygienic visit date – if they make such a wish. Such visits are necessary to provide guarantees for dental treatment.
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