Hygienic visit – prevention of caries

Regular hygiene visits are the basis for the durability of each dental treatment and the longest maintenance of your own teeth. Thanks to hygiene procedures, treatment effects are perpetuated and the possibility of further health problems within the mouth in the future. An important element ending the visit is the oral hygiene instruction tailored to the individual medicinal needs. Main objectives of the hygienic visit:
  • consolidation of the results of the current treatment: The dental hygienist performs an initial diagnosis of oral health by calculating the API and PBI hygiene indicators. Especially carefully checked the condition of the gums, teeth, fillings, prosthetic awakens or implants.
  • Professional teeth cleaning: Depending on the needs, the dental hygienist performs professional teeth cleaning procedures such as: tartar scaling and sandblasting of teeth.
  • Teeth strengthening: After the teeth cleaning procedure, the hygienist performs fluoridation of the teeth to strengthen the enamel surface and protect against caries.
  • Hygiene instruction: Depending on the health problems noticed, the dental hygienist talks to the patient and indicates oral health problems and selects the right way to take care of dental and gum hygiene.
Who wouldn't want to keep their teeth all their lives? With the current level of dentistry, more and more patients are succeeding! However, the basis is close cooperation between the patient and the dental team and the implementation of basic hygiene principles into everyday habits also at home:
  • daily teeth washing – minimum 2x per day
  • threading of spaces between the teeth – a minimum of 1x per day
  • use of mouth washable fluids after brushing your teeth – minimum 1x per day in the evening
  • hygiene visits every 6-12 months combined with oral hygiene monitoring
  • How often should teeth hygiene be performed? – according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO, hygiene visits should take place every 6-12 months. For patients completing a comprehensive treatment, we send a text message about the upcoming hygienic visit date – if they make such a wish. Such visits are necessary to provide a guarantee for the dental treatment performed.
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