Crown-root cartridges

As a result of the very large destruction of caries of the tooth, sometimes there is a situation where the only healthy tissues of the tooth free from caries is the root itself. In the past, the teeth, from which after cleaning the caries remained only the root itself were removed. Currently, modern dentistry gives the possibility of their permanent and aesthetic reconstruction using crown-root inserts and all-ceramic or porcelain crown. Crown-root cartridges are prosthetic structures used in the event of a large destruction of the tooth's own tissues. They are permanently cemented in the root of the tooth – they serve as a pillar under the later reconstruction of the crown part. The condition for using such an insert is prior root canal treatment of the rebuilt tooth. Currently, 2 types of coronary-root cartridges are commonly used:
  • individual crown-root inserts so-called "lane" – made from metal alloy in dental technology laboratory by prosthetic technique. The dentist's doctor gets a tooth root squeeze and only on the next visit cements the finished crown-root cartridge.
  • standard crown-root inserts – made of glass or carbon fibres. The dentist's doctor cements the contribution already on the first visit and immediately proceeds to prepare the tooth for the prosthetic crown.
What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: the dentist after root canal treatment chooses the optimal type of cartridge. In the case of glass fibre cartridge, the tooth root drill and then cements the coronary root cartridge. After the formation of the tooth pillar, the dentist takes an impression under the future prosthetic crown. If you choose a crown-root insert, the doctor of the root drill and draws the squeezes and then refers them to the prosthetic laboratory.
  • Second visit: in the case of a fiberglass insert, the prosthetic crown is ready at this visit and after it has been cemented, the treatment is completed. In the case of the contribution of the intended covenant doctor made by the technique cartridge and only after its cementation draws a squeeze under the prosthetic crown, which he cements on the next visit.
  • What are the indications for crown-root inlays? – an indication for their use is the large destruction of tooth tissues and, consequently, the need to strengthen its structure. We deal with this after canal treatment of the tooth. The coronary root cartridges also allow the reconstruction of a full-fledged tooth even the remaining teeth in the mouth.
  • Which cartridges are better – standard or individual? – It is difficult to answer such a question because it depends on the clinical situation. Today, technological advances are increasingly used with standard inserts made of glass or carbon fibers – they reduce treatment time by 1 visit while maintaining full mechanical strength.
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