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Bone forming materials are one of the fruits of the development of modern implantology. It allows implants to be implanted even if there is not enough of the patient's natural bone in a given place. It is estimated that in 40% of cases of implant treatment, bone reconstruction and regeneration or sinus lift are necessary. Such treatments are possible thanks to the latest generation of biomaterials. The use of biomaterials allows to reproduce the bone in the place where the bone atrophy occurred and where without bone regeneration it would not be possible to implant the implant. During implantological procedures in our clinic we use only effective and proven in many clinical trials biomaterials from Geistlich Biomaterials – Bio-Oss and Lasak Ltd. – Poresorb-TCP.
  • Bio-Oss – is a natural bone mineral Gesitlich Bio-Oss, for many years, proves its value in clinical practice and is the subject of numerous scientific studies. The excellent osteoconductivity of this material stems from its resemblance to the structure of the human bone. The mineral structure of Geistlich Bio-Oss is characterized by high porosity and has a large internal surface. It acts as a scaffold, ensuring the ingrowth of new bone into the structure of the material. The natural chemical composition and crystalline structure of geistlich Bio-Oss material provide a slow resorption of this material by osteoclasts in the process of natural bone reconstruction.
  • Poresorb-TCP – is a synthetic bone substitute preparation from Lasak Ltd. Poresorb-TCP used to controlled bone regeneration during implantation, filling bone defects after removal of cysts or teeth. Fully resorbowalny is gradually replaced by bone tissue. It does not contain zoonoses – ensures the highest safety of use. Its mineral and structural composition resembles a natural bone. It contains macro and micro pores for effective ingrowth of bone tissue. The high effectiveness of Poresorb-TCP has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies and scientific publications.
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