Adhesion Bridges

Adhesive bridges belong to permanent and temporary prosthetic restorations. This means that they can be permanently cemented on the patient's own teeth or serve as a temporary supplement, e.g. during implant implantation after implant surgery. Compared to traditional porcelain bridges , they do not require grinding healthy teeth, so they are much less invasive. Adhesion bridges are attached to other teeth using fiberglass tabs and cementing them in 3 ways:
  • gluing fiberglass wings to healthy adjacent teeth
  • placing the wings in the fiberglass in places after the old fillings in adjacent teeth
  • formation of the bed in adjacent teeth in which fiberglass tabs are placed
With the help of adhesion bridges, most often one -tooth deficiencies are replenished. Indications for a specific type of fixing are determined by the doctor during dental examination. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: After qualifying the patient for treatment with adhesive bridges and choosing the method of cementing the bridge, the dentist prepares the adjacent teeth by creating a bed for fiberglass tabs. The visit ends with the collection of squeezes and referral to the prosthetic laboratory.
  • Second visit: the dentist tries on the adhesive bridge in the patient's mouth and makes any corrections, after which he cements the bridge permanently.
  • What are the indications for the implementation of adhesive bridges? – An indication is the lack of individual teeth in a situation where you want to avoid grinding adjacent healthy abutment teeth. An indication is also a temporary replacement of missing teeth for the time of implantation of dental implants – usually 3-6 months.
  • How long is the replenishment time? – From the moment of the first visit to cementing the adhesive bridge, no more than 1-2 days pass.
  • Are there any contraindications to the implementation of adhesive bridges? – Yes, contraindications are some malocclusion, teeth grinding or age under 16 years. During dental examination, the dentist doctor qualifications for this type of prosthetic treatment.

See the effects of treatment:

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Adhesive bridge to fill missing teeth

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