Computer tomography of the upper or lower jaw

Dental computed tomography of the upper or lower jaw gives the opportunity to create a three-dimensional model of the examined structure and thus computer planning of the course of surgery. The main indication for this type of examination is the planned implantological treatment within the entire jaw. In the case of implant surgery to a limited extent or if diagnosis is necessary in the area of individual teeth, it is recommended to perform partial ctography. Partial CTOgraphy is characterized by a higher resolution of the study and allows diagnostics even within single-tooth channels. Performing a volumetric ct tomography test before each implantprocedure is now the gold standard of conduct. Thanks to the three-dimensional model of the treatment field and computer planning of the deployment, shape and size of the implants, the safety and predictability of the planned procedure increases significantly. When starting the procedure, the implantologist has much more knowledge about the shape, thickness and hardness of bone tissue than with a standard X-ray examination, which is a panoramic photo. In our clinic we have a modern digital computer tomograph Vatech PAX-i3D. The latest equipment guarantees the minimum dose of X-rays needed to perform a full-fledged volumetric tomography test. The dose of X-rays absorbed in one study is comparable to the radiation that the patient receives every day from the environment. According to Polish law, a dentist is necessary to refer a dentist from a doctor to perform a ct tomography examination of the jaw or mandible. In the absence of such a referral, we can only perform a tomography examination after an earlier dental consultation combined with an intraoral examination and an overview of the outcome of the study with the patient. We release a tomographic examination in digital form on a CD together with the software necessary for its further reading and processing.

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