Immediate implants – after tooth extraction

An immediate implant is an implant implanted immediately after the removal procedure – tooth extraction. Such implantation allows the procedure to be performed in the place after the removed tooth using the existing socket after extraction. Often, such a procedure can be performed without additional surgical cuts with a scalpel, which results in much less interference in the patient's tissues and better and faster healing. The use of platelet-rich fibrin APRF to seal the alveolus after the procedure allows you to accelerate healing, and sometimes even give up the insertion of surgical sutures. Immediate implantation is currently the best method of supplementing the missing tooth immediately on the day of its removal. It allows to reduce bone atrophy after extraction and, with adequate implant stability, immediate replacement of the missing tooth with a temporary crown on the implant. However, it depends on the condition and amount of bone around the implant. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: this is a consultation visit, the dentist performs a thorough review of the patient's oral cavity with a panoramic photo and treatment planning. He recommends possible additional treatment and draws and explains the course of the procedure. The visit ends with computed tomography necessary to plan the implant procedure.
  • Second visit: on this visit, the doctor atraumatically removes the tooth, after preparing the bed for the implant, performs immediate implantation. The treatment ends with the protection of the socket using APRF membranes or bone regeneration using bone-forming materials.
  • Are there any contraindications for immediate implantation? – contraindication for immediate implantation after tooth extraction is acute inflammation within the extracted tooth, poor hygiene and teeth with caries in the mouth.
  • Is the procedure painful? – the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the most unpleasant moment of the procedure is the removal of the tooth, which the doctor tries to carry out as gently as possible, respecting the tissues around the root. Healing after the procedure is often faster than after the extraction itself, due to the protection of the socket with APRF membranes and suturing the extraction wound.
  • Is it possible to protect the visible absence of a tooth after removal? – after tooth extraction and immediate implantation, the doctor can make a temporary crown to protect the aesthetics at the treatment site. Depending on the stabilization of the implant after implantation, such a crown can be made directly on the implant, or it can be glued to neighboring teeth.

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