Removal of dental implants

Implantological treatment is becoming more and more popular. Year after year, more and more patients are convinced of the advantages of tooth implants to recreate the missing tooth without violating adjacent teeth while maintaining maximum comfort. Unfortunately, it happens that implants like their own teeth sometimes need to be removed. The most common causes of the need to remove the implant are
  • bone tissue fading at the implanand its mobility
  • bone tissue fading at the implanand associated aesthetic defect – in the aneline
  • soreness for biting the implant
  • change the concept of implantation treatment and therefore the need to transfer the position of the implant in order to perform a new prosthetic reconstruction
  • mechanical damage to the implant – e.g. its rupture
  • very rarely, allergic reactions occur – patients then experience discomfort due to the presence of an implant in the mouth, often without any visible problems in x-ray seweds and intraorally
Until recently, the only method to remove the bone-grown implant was its notch from the surrounding bone tissue. Such a procedure caused quite a large destruction of the bones in the area of the removed implant and often prevented the immediate implantation of the new implant. The place of the procedure was exposed to a large disappearance and 2-3 months of healing before re-implantation could be considered. Today, thanks to the development of new medicinal methods, the removal of the bone-integrated implant is a much more delicate procedure, which does not cause the destruction of the surrounding bone. The removed implant is screwed out with a set of special keys and the surrounding bone tissue implant remains intact. After removing the implant, depending on the treatment plan, a new implant can be implanted or the implant site can be secured by bone regeneration and suturing the resulting wound. The procedure is completely painless and healing occurs faster than after removal of the tooth. In order to avoid the risk of removing implants, it is worth at least once every 12 months to apply for a check visit combined with radiological diagnostics. Such a visit will reveal possible health problems before they become advanced enough that removing the implant will be the only possibility of treatment.
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