Glass support system ZX 27

The ZX-27 glass support system eliminates the lack of its own pillar teeth necessary to maintain a permanent prosthetic supplement. Its uniqueness lies in the possibility of making a prosthetic bridge in conditions in which it was not possible so far due to the lack of abutment teeth. The ZX-27 glass supports are made of special material adapted to the toothless part of the toothless part of the toothed part of the toothed jaw or mandible. This gives you the opportunity to replace the missing own pillar tooth. What is the treatment in this system? Here is a simplified scheme of the procedure:
  • First visit: after planning a prosthetic restoration in the ZX27 system, the doctor proceeds to grind the teeth selected as prosthetic pillars. The grinding procedure is carried out in anesthesia and is completely painless. The visit ends with the collection of squeezes and referral to the prosthetic laboratory.
  • Second visit: the dentist tries on the skeleton of the bridge in the ZX-27 system and makes any corrections, after which he sends the bridge to the prosthetic laboratory to be completed.
  • Third visit: after fitting and checking the finished ZX 27 bridge, the dentist cements the restoration permanently in the patient's mouth.
  • what are the indications for the use of the ZX-27 system? – the indication is extensive missing teeth preventing the use of permanent prosthetic restorations in any situation when the patient does not accept removable dentures – this system is an alternative to implants.
  • How long is the time of completion of the restoration – from the first visit to the end of treatment passes about 5-7 days. After this time, you can reenjoy a beautiful smile and recreated chewing with a constant prosthetic supplement.
Glass support system ZX 27 Glass support ZX27

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